How to set up and manage user accounts on ATB FX

ATB FX Administrator User Guide

Find detailed information on the administrator role functionalities such as assigning roles and users and resetting passwords.

When we set up ATB FX for your business, we’ll assign the person you designate as the administrator for your company on the platform. The administrator can then create and manage all your users on ATB FX. The Administrator can add and suspend users as well as change their permissions.

Setting up new user accounts

  1. From the Home screen, click User Admin in the primary navigation.
  2. On the All Users screen, click the orange + button (top right).
  3. In the User Info tab, enter the user’s Login ID and other personal information.
    1. If the chosen Login ID gets rejected, it’s likely been identified as too common or too easy to guess.
    2. Try using an ID that (i) is at least eight characters, (ii) uses numbers or special symbols.
  4. Enter the user’s (initial) Status (active).
  5. In the Role tab, assign one or more roles relevant to the new user from the list provided.
    1. Assigned roles will be indicated by a green circle.
  6. In the Account tab, assign the new user to at least one account from your company.
    1. Assigned accounts will be indicated by a green circle.
  7. A new user is automatically onboarded with two-factor authentication so there is no action needed in the Password tab.
  8. Click Save and a temporary password is generated to give to the new user.
    1. This password will expire after 24 hours.
  9. You’re all done!

Managing user accounts

  1. From the Home screen, click User Admin in the primary navigation.
  2. On the All Users screen, click the magnifying glass icon to the right of any user to access their details.
  3. Select the desired tab (User Info, Role, Account, Password) and click Edit (bottom right) to make changes.
    1. In the User Info tab, only the Login ID can’t be changed.
    2. When finished making changes in any of the first three tabs, click Save.
    3. In the Password tab, you can reset the password and security key; click Reset Password to generate a new temporary password for the user (expires after 24 hours) or click Reset Security Key to allow the user to set up two-factor authentication on a new device.


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