How to switch between third-party accounts on ATB FX

Where multiple legal entities are related, for example, a parent and subsidiary company, you may be able to access them both online under the same ATB FX user login profile. The term “third party” relates to the idea that the linked company is another legal entity (or a third party) to the original profile.

  1. On logging in, you will see your main profile 
  2. From the Home screen, click your name/profile as it appears in the top right corner
  3. From the profile drop-down menu, select Change Active Counterparty
  4. On the Change Active Counterparty screen, you should see the names of eligible companies that you are allowed to transact on behalf of
  5. Click +Select to the right of the entity on whose behalf you want to transact
  6. You should now see this entity reflected in transaction screens (e.g. in screen headings, the Account I will pay from field, next to the Request Quote button)
    1. Under third-party access rules, you can only fund from accounts of the active counterparty,
    2. You can see and manage the beneficiary templates by clicking Settlement Instructions in the primary navigation
  7. Carry on with your trade(s)!


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