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Helping United Way help Albertans

By ATB Financial 21 May 2020 2 min read

United Way supports thousands of Albertans in need throughout the year: our friends, neighbours and families. They understand local needs and work together with funded partners, government and community organizations to accomplish three things: Break the Cycle, Lift People Out and Provide a Safety Net.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to quickly identify and address the most urgent needs such as food security, education, mental health, safety equipment and partner agency support.

For example, they’ve been providing technology to students in need to help them stay connected and get school work done from home. They’ve helped secure personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers who are supporting vulnerable populations such as the homeless. And they’ve helped make sure that families have nutritious food on the table as they navigate job losses while living in poverty.

Support Albertans receive through United Way

Every Albertan has the right to feel safe, cared for and supported. And every dollar given to United Way goes further than you think.

United Way’s efforts stretch across Alberta

United Way support across Alberta.

A contribution of any amount will go towards supporting:

  • Nine United Way Alberta chapters that support;
  • 340+ programs across Alberta that support;
  • 375,151+ Albertans across the province who need help.

The elderly, Indigenous populations, those experiencing mental health and addiction issues, persons with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, newcomers to Canada, and others all benefit from United Way’s efforts to support Albertans.

For example, $25 could provide any one of the following:

What a $25 donation to United Way could provide.

  • Coveralls, two pairs of safety glasses, and three pairs of gloves needed for work
  • Baby formula or diapers for a family needing emergency support
  • Personalized safety plan for a victim of domestic violence
  • A package of new underwear for a homeless person
  • Three months’ supply of Play-Doh for kids learning fine motor skills
  • Educational English materials for a group of 10 immigrant women

While $250 could provide any one of the following:

What a $250 donation to United Way could provide.

  • One month’s supply of healthy food options for a person living with diabetes
  • Registration fees and textbooks for one youth to go back to high school
  • A half-day session of counselling from an Indigenous Elder for one individual or family
  • Professional clothing for one woman trying to find employment
  • Winter clothing for two homeless youth
  • Personal hygiene and feminine products for 25 women experiencing a crisis

And $250,000 could provide all of the following:

What a $250,000 donation to United Way could provide.

  • Help 114 individuals access basic needs support, including food and shelter
  • Empower 76 children and youth to hit developmental milestones and success
  • Help 500 people connect and build strong communities
  • Support 126 people with financial stability and employment training
  • Support 125 youth to successfully transition to adulthood
  • Ensure 226 individuals are connected to necessary supports

What vulnerable Albertans need most during COVID-19

What vulnerable Albertans need most during COVID-19.

  • Access to life’s essentials, such as food and shelter
  • Community partners who can continue to do vital local work and enable system navigation services like 211
  • Support during isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all feel a little more vulnerable. We’re anxious about our futures, the health of our loved ones and the well-being of our community. Remember, we are truly all in this together, and we have the opportunity to help those who have been most impacted by this pandemic.

To get involved and show your support if you feel so inspired to do so, you can help Albertans by donating to ATB’s United Way campaign.


Every dollar given goes further than you think

Find out how far your $$ can go with United Way's Impact Calculator.

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