Financial solutions for Albertans & business during COVID-19

Helping “goodness grow” across Alberta

We’ve been busy inspiring Albertans to support our acts of kindness (or create their own!) that uplift one another, and help us feel connected to the communities we so dearly miss.

Adversity brings out the best of who we are.

#ATBGoodnessGrows is an initiative that motivates Albertans to bring joyful moments to others. We’re all adjusting to being disconnected from the places, people and experiences we making someone laugh, or bringing a smile to their day, has never been more needed or more powerful. We hope to inspire Albertans to keep the goodness growing!

Keeping the arts alive in Alberta

Fringe Theatre shares their COVID-19 story and how Albertans can show support for artists and performers.

5 rural Alberta entrepreneurs share their business lessons

We hear from Alberta business owners outside of the main urban areas on their experiences with the pandemic and their COVID-19 small business lessons.

Spotlight on Linda Hoang, Alberta entrepreneur

Linda Hoang supports Alberta entrepreneurs and business owners in unique ways, and shares her COVID-19 small business challenges and lessons.

How a student program was reinvented for a no-office world

A student internship program transformed in a matter of weeks to exist in a world where no one actually goes into work.

Tips for starting your own herd in Alberta

Advice for young ranchers starting a herd to help ensure long-term success in Alberta’s agriculture industry.

Reimagining 2020 graduation: Empowering Alberta’s students

From drive-thru graduations and getting fitted for a suit, we had the opportunity to connect with a few students as well as Gregor’s Grads on this year's grad experience.

What we can learn from the LGBTQ2S+ community

Members of Alberta’s LGBTQ2S+ communities help us learn about the history of Pride, the importance of safe spaces and how to deepen our journey of allyship.

Reimagining the conference experience

Learn how Mike Morrison retooled his in-person conference SocialWest into SocialAtHome, bringing unique physical experiences to his virtual digital marketing conference.

Exploring Indigenous intersectionalities

A panel of diverse Indigenous entrepreneurs speak about how their intersectional identities have inspired and challenged them. We share key learnings and a follow-up Q&A.

Ways that you can support your favourite local restaurants

From ordering take out, purchasing gift cards or hiring a food truck for your socially distanced community event, restaurant entrepreneurs ways to support local restaurants. 

The worst, best dad jokes in Alberta!

The top three dad jokes in the running for dad joke of the year. Have a few laughs and find out which joke took top prize. 

How professional athletes are staying occupied during the pandemic

Mark Giordano, Ben Hebert and Bo Levi Mitchell talk about how the pandemic has changed their day to day routines.

Helping United Way help Albertans

Every Albertan has the right to feel safe, cared for and supported. And every dollar given to United Way goes further than you think. Find out how.


How social media shout outs to Mom raised $10k for women’s shelters

Pivoting to support community during a pandemic

How 3 Alberta businesses balance community support and the bottom line.


Look at all the ways Albertans have been showing up for each other...

A great way you can help Albertans and local businesses.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish together.

Thanks to the generosity and can-do spirit of our customers and team members, United Way can continue to do the important work of supporting Albertans affected by COVID-19.

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