Business Loans

Operating Line of Credit

Cover your daily expenses as cash flow fluctuates.

Set up for long-term success

​Being in business for the long haul means that cash flow fluctuates. On days when your cash flow can’t cover you, we can.

Coverage for day-to-day costs

​Get up to 75% of your operating costs financed, secured with inventory and receivables.

Be prepared for anything

​You'll be able to cover your daily operating expenses, as well as any unexpected business costs or opportunities that come up.

Key product details

Interest rate Variable, charged only on what you use
Term range Revolves automatically, no need to re-apply
Repayment Flexible terms

Frequently Asked Questions

A line of credit is a revolving, open loan that allows you to borrow what you need, when you need it. Businesses generally use an operating line of credit for day-to-day needs rather than large purchases, and aim to pay the operating loan down quickly.

A variable interest rate means the interest rate charged on the outstanding balance varies as market interest rates change.

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You've put skin in the game, and we're here with our Operating Line of Credit to cover you through the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship.

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