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Start Up Business

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting and Growing a Business

The ATB Entrepreneur’s guide to starting a business

Entrepreneurship is hard. Learning about it shouldn’t be.

Identifying a target market for your new business

Have a very clear idea of the problem you are trying to solve with your business and who your target market is will be crucial for developing your go-to-market strategy.

Growing your business network as a new Canadian

When it comes to building and growing a business, a strong network is a must. Especially for new Canadian entrepreneurs starting out in Alberta.

Exploring Indigenous intersectionalities

A panel of diverse Indigenous entrepreneurs speak about how their intersectional identities have inspired and challenged them. We share key learnings and a follow-up Q&A.

How YYC and YEG Cycle grew their business

Andrew Obrecht, co-owner of YYC and YEG Cycle, shares his top four tips for other entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses.

What Manjit Minhas wants entrepreneurs to know

Ever wanted entrepreneurial advice from a Dragon’s Den Dragon? Manjit Minhas offers 6 keys to entrepreneurial success.

Are you an entrepreneur? A letter from ATB

When you’re busy defining what business and entrepreneur means for you, we’re here to listen.


How to protect your business from cyber theft and payment fraud

Protecting your business at every turn.

Key tips for businesses navigating international trade

As your business grows, diversifying your supply chain is a critical, proactive step that protects against both large and small risks that can derail your success.

Managing your infrastructure to make room for growth

If your business is ready to expand, likely so is your infrastructure. From supply management to staffing and physical space, there’s a lot to consider.

Expanding your business beyond Alberta

If, as an Albertan entrepreneur you’ve already captured a good size of the provincial market, maybe it’s time to grow your business beyond borders.

5 signs telling entrepreneurs they’re ready to grow

Business growth can be driven through multiple approaches and strategies. The first question to ask yourself before making the move to expand is, “Am I ready?”

How to manage foreign exchange risk

Why Canadian Global uses ATB FX to find the best exchange rate for foreign currency exchange.

How to manage your business during a personal crisis

Entrepreneur Susie Sykes’ personal life was in crisis. Here’s how she—and her business—made it through.

Money and Financing

The ATB Entrepreneur’s Guide to crowdfunding

Share your story and give your business idea the spotlight it deserves!

How strategic partnerships can help grow your business

The right strategic partners can provide invaluable support for driving your entrepreneurial vision forward and helping to accelerate growth.

Financing business growth

Financing a growth strategy invariably requires support from an external lendor, a personal investor or another financial player. 

How personal finances impact your company’s growth

Your financial acumen and choices in your personal life will impact potential investors or lenders when considering whether or not to fund your business plans.

7 tips for building your credit to finance your business

Debt consolidation involves borrowing money from one lower-interest lender to pay off your debts with other higher-interest lenders.

How to maximize your cash flow as an entrepreneur

Learning how to manage your cash flow wisely is a crucial step in the growth stage of a business.

Pay yourself first: managing your personal finances as an entrepreneur

Separating your personal and business finances is essential to protect your personal cash flow, maintain your personal credit and investing outside of your own business.


ATB Farm Succession Guide

It’s time to make a plan. A comprehensive guide on the farm succession planning process.

Spirits of the West

David Farren, CEO of Eau Claire Distillery, talks about his experience funding, growing, and excelling in his business creating whiskey in Alberta’s Turner Valley.

Managing your liquidity ratio during the 2019 crop year

After a couple of challenging crop years, current liabilities may begin to creep up, putting pressure on that ratio of current assets to current liabilities

Need a new tractor? Combine crapped out? Should you lease or buy?

Deciding whether to buy or lease new agricultural equipment can be difficult. Our Agricultural Experts are here to help make that decision simpler.

Sugar Beets: One of Alberta’s most unique agricultural industries

Sold in Albertan grocery stores, sugar beets are a part of the local agricultural industry, producing products like granulated sugar, icing sugar and molasses.

People and Culture

Building a strong team: Best practices for hiring and firing

HR management can be a challenge for small businesses, but recruiting the right talent and letting go of underperformers can be vital to your business’ success.

Making mental health conversations the workplace norm

Encouraging open communication about mental health among your team members in your workplace will help to create a safe space where they can do their best work.

Rise and Grind: How Calgary’s Entrepreneurs Start Their Days

Jamie Parker, Hafiz Mitha, Candice Munro, Andy Nguyen, Conrad Ferrel and Alex Putici share how they begin their work days.

Alternative Alberta tourism business gets boosted by ATB BoostR

Alberta-based tourism business Good Knights share their story of success using ATB BoostR to expand their business.

PlayCity’s Hafiz shares his entrepreneurial journey

Hafiz Mitha inspires future entrepreneurs by sharing about the value of keeping ideas secret and staying enthused, by sharing his own experiences creating the PlayCity app.

ATB wants to revolutionize banking for your arts-focused non-profit

Learn how ATB is revolutionizing the way art-focused non-profits like Alberta Music do their banking.

Sales and Marketing

Social media storytelling to grow your brand

Social media is primarily a storytelling platform. When you can tell a story that captivates and engages your audience, the true power of social media is shown.

How to build a successful internal communications plan for your business

Internal communications are a tool to build authority, engagement and trust with employees and support company culture throughout departments.

Paid search: putting your business in the spotlight

While the world of paid search may seem daunting, it’s ability to put your business directly in front of your market is invaluable.

Common copywriting mistakes businesses make, and how you can write better.

Creative, strategic, copywriting can be key to creating and building your brand. Take the time to develop your own voice, and get specific about what makes your brand distinct.

Inside the value of a strong communications strategy

When getting your entrepreneurial vision up and running, an integrated communications strategy can make all the difference to the success of your business.

How the right media partners can grow your business

There are so many ways to approach marketing your business that for some, bringing in outside partners could be the best approach for getting the most reach.

Succession Planning

Business Transition Guide

Learn the steps you should take to successfully sell and transition out of your business.

What new Canadian entrepreneurs need to know about succession planning

With many new Canadians entering the world of entrepreneurship, having a clear, strategic succession plan will be vital to ensuring long-term financial wellness.

Retirement planning for small business owners

Here's a breakdown of the good, bad, and costly habits that affect your credit score.

Pass it on: 5 simple steps to succession planning

How to put together a succession plan to continue preserve your hard-earned success

Women in Business

Buttercream clothing shares advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Candice from Buttercream Clothing shares her advice on going above and beyond to meet her customers needs and how she has developed her business into a cult fashion brand.

Transitioning into business: Lessons from BRITT Land & Engagement

Learn from one of Alberta’s leading land and engagement consulting firms through an in-depth conversation around achieving financial clarity.

Reimagining women's entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs face specific additional barriers when it comes to the financing a startup. Join ATB's Shannon Pestun as she uncovers these barriers.

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