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4 better ways to business bank instead of using cheques

There was a time when cheques were the best friend of any business owner. Now? Not so much.

How entrepreneurs and small businesses can navigate high inflation

Learn how inflation impacts Alberta's businesses and entrepreneurs, with insight on how to mitigate the effects.

How Alberta businesses can navigate high inflation

We review the impact of inflation on Alberta businesses and what you can do to mitigate the effects.

Immediate tax deduction for capital expenses

Tax, cash flow and financing topics to consider if your business is planning to acquire significant capital assets in the coming year.

When is the best time to get a business loan

Learn the ideal circumstances for loans, how to position your company to get the best rate and what to look for in a financial institution.

How one Indigenous woman entrepreneur started 3 businesses

Indigenous entrepreneurs are applying core community principles in order to thrive, despite the complex, interconnected barriers challenging success.

How Seven Summits Snacks raised 111% of their goal

Lessons from Seven Summits Snacks and how they pivoted their go-to-market strategy by running a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign.

What entrepreneurs need to know about revolving loans versus term loans

How can entrepreneurs in Alberta financially support their business in the very early stages? One of the options could be loans from a financial institution.

How strategic partnerships can help grow your business

The right strategic partners can provide invaluable support for driving your entrepreneurial vision forward and helping to accelerate growth.

How personal finances impact your company’s growth

Your financial acumen and choices in your personal life will impact potential investors or lenders when considering whether or not to fund your business plans.

Financing business growth

Financing a growth strategy invariably requires support from an external lendor, a personal investor or another financial player. 

5 things banks really want to see in your business plan

Review the key elements that will make your business plan stand out (and get approved) by the bank.

7 tips for building your credit to finance your business

Debt consolidation involves borrowing money from one lower-interest lender to pay off your debts with other higher-interest lenders.

Erin Pankratz: A freelance artist’s journey to better banking

Freelance artist, Erin Pankratz, shares how ATB was able to secure her financial situation by supporting her work in the arts.

Financing Alberta’s film industry

ATB partners with Alberta’s film industry through The Branch for Arts + Culture. 

Want to start your business with your own money? This entrepreneur did

Want to start your business with your own money? Learn how Joel Jelinski of Burgundy Oak started his business with $800 from his own pocket.

How to maximize your cash flow as an entrepreneur

Learning how to manage your cash flow wisely is a crucial step in the growth stage of a business.

Pricing your product: it’s more than just numbers

Get advice on pricing and listening to customers from the Burad’s of a family-run Panda Flowers in Sherwood Park, Edmonton.

Pay yourself first: managing your personal finances as an entrepreneur

Separating your personal and business finances is essential to protect your personal cash flow, maintain your personal credit and investing outside of your own business.

A 26 year financial services veterans perspective on cash flow

Cash is king. For no one is this more true than for the entrepreneur who’s working to get their new business off the ground.

Cash in: top tips on collecting payments

Setting up a solid invoicing system can really help making sure that those sales you make actually result in you being paid.

How ATB supports Alberta’s freelance artists

ATB shares their secret to supporting the work of freelance artists like Erin Pankratz.

3 things to consider when accessing capital for your business

Looking to access capital for your business? Here are the top 3 things you should consider before you do.

4 investment mistakes made by the self-employed

Saving for retirement requires a bit more planning for business owners. These tips will help entrepreneurs grow their savings alongside their business.

Leveraging the crowd with Bravery Blends

Heather Heystek goes through her crowdfunding journey with Bravery Blends and offers advice on leading your own crowdfunding campaign to success.

Leveraging the crowd with Common Good

How Hannah and Dave Cree of Common Good leveraged the crowd to get the most out of their crowdfunding campaign.

Leveraging the crowd with Confetti Sweets

Looking to make your crowdfunding campaign sweet? Kathy Leskow of Confetti Sweets shares advice bringing your campaign to success.

Leveraging the crowd with Cozy Intentions

Tracy Persson of Cozy Intentions successfully funded her own crowdfunding campaign; and she has tips for you to make your own crowdfunding campaign a success.

Leveraging the crowd with Sensational Path

Erin Grujic’s company Sensational Path crushed their crowdfunding goals - check out her advice to take your campaign to the finish line.

Pre-launch like a pro: finding your crowdfunding audience

Learn how to start your crowdfunding campaign off on the right foot with our checklist to help you pre-launch your campaign like a pro.

Saving to start a business

If you’re saving to start your own business in Alberta, here are some tips and some advice on how to start your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur’s tips on separating business and personal finances

Calgary-based tech startup shares what they’ve learned about separating their business and personal finances.

Social enterprise in Alberta—with four local business owners

Two local businesses and their founders share about social enterprise and how it fits into their journey of entrepreneurship.

A look at the metrics that matter in business financing

ATB shares the ratios that banks and other lenders look for when assessing business loans.

The journey to financing your business

A breakdown of the requirements needed for entrepreneurs to gain access to financing.

Top growth indicators for entrepreneurs

ATB shares important KPIs for entrepreneurs to consider when measuring business growth.

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