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The ATB entrepreneur’s guide to crowdfunding

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Crowdfunding is here to help you navigate the world of crowdfunding for your business. Got a killer idea that you’re ready to share to the world? Starting a crowdfunding campaign can help you ask the public to support your business. Test your idea and get direct feedback all while growing your network, building awareness and raising the cash you need to get started on your business idea through online fundraising.


How exactly do I run a crowdfunding campaign?

We’re glad you asked! Our Entrepreneur’s Guide to Crowdfunding is filled with tons of advice and resources to help succeed through every stage of your campaign including:

  • An overview of the different types of crowdfunding: The four types of crowdfunding are equity, rewards-based, donation-based, and crowdlending. We break down the four types to help you choose which kind of crowdfunding is best for you.

  • Selecting your platform: The platform you choose to host your crowdfunding campaign will play a huge role in your strategy and success.

  • How to get started on the right foot: What you need to know before you start your campaign including a few key facts to consider.

  • Planning your campaign: Planning is an integral part of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Every detail in your plan from the logistics to marketing is important to help you get the funds that you need. The guide includes the 8 steps to launch your campaign: from signing up for a platform, to creating an effective pitch video.

  • Going live: You’ve done the planning, now it’s time to see your crowdfunding campaign in action. We include the three keys to success, and why the first 30% of your goal is very important. The guide also explains how to deal with the crowdfunding dip and other common issues.

  • What to do post-campaign: Once it’s over, what are the steps you’ll take to end on a high note and ensure you keep the momentum (and the customers!) you gained during the campaign? Whether you met your goal or not, this guide shows you how to make the most of your crowdfunding experience.

The ATB Entrepreneur’s Guide to crowfunding

Why not share your story and give your business idea the spotlight it deserves? After all, it’s your business!

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