How to pay your federal and provincial business taxes online

By 1 April 2022 4 min read

Business owner paying taxes online

With your Online Tax Payments & Filing account, you have the ability to pay over 40 federal and provincial business taxes with ease.

Your Online Tax Payments & Filing account allows you to create multiple users and administrators, as well as set controls, such as payment limits, and create segregation of duties, such as approvals. Administrators have the ability to manage the company profile as well as add and manage users and their approval limits (the amount of money they’re able to approve for a transaction). But, administrators cannot schedule tax payments. They must either add a separate user ID for themselves, or assign an employee with a user ID.

If a user has an approval limit below the transaction amount, another user with a sufficient approval limit will have to approve the payment. These two different account types, when used strategically, can create a tax payment process with various checkpoints verifying that everything is done correctly.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a tax payment:


Step 1: Head to your ATB Online Business login and click “Tax pay and file.”

Please note that your login credentials for your ATB online bank account are not the same as the login credentials required for your Online Tax Payments & Filing account.

ATB Online Business login then click “Tax pay and file"

Step 2: Log in to your Online Tax Payments & Filing account using your ATB PFS ID (user ID) and password.

If you have not logged on before, please contact your relationship manager or complete this online form to get set up. Once you’ve been set up you’ll receive an ATB PFS ID and a temporary password. Upon a successful login, administrators will be prompted to set up the company profile and add users.

ATB PFS ID (user ID) and password

Note: If you forget your password, please click the “I forgot my password” link under the login credential boxes. You’ll be required to enter your ATB PFS ID and email address in order to change your password. You must use the email address you provided during registration or set up or else you’ll receive an error message. To update your email address, please contact your relationship manager or complete this online form.

Password Reset

Step 3: If you have made tax payments in the past, you can review them in the “Registered payments and accounts” tab.

To make another payment, simply select the “Payment type” you wish to pay and click “Pay.”

Registered payments and accounts

Step 4: If you need to add a new payment type, go to the “Registered payments and accounts” tab and select the “Add payment type” button.

You’ll be directed to a page featuring federal and provincial “Payment types” that can be filtered to narrow your search. The paper form number of each tax type is noted in brackets beside the “Payment type” name. All required data can be found on the paper copies of your filings.

Add payment type

Add payment type - View

To finish adding the new payment type, select the “Payment type” from the list and click “Next.” You’ll be prompted to complete the required details, such as your tax account number, and click “Next.” Once confirmation has been provided, click “Done.”


Step 5: To make a tax payment select the “Payment type” and click “Pay.”

You’ll be prompted to fill in the details, such as the bank account you want the payment to be drawn from, the payment amount and the payment date. As there are no same-day payments, it’s very important to submit your payment one business day prior to the due date. In addition, payments must be cancelled by 5pm MT on the day prior to the payment date. They cannot be cancelled on the payment date. Payments can be scheduled up to one year in advance.

To confirm the payment, verify details and click “Submit.” For companies using workflow approvals, the confirmation screen will display how many approvals are required.


Step 6: If you need to view or cancel a future dated tax payment, navigate to the “Future dated transactions” tab and enter the date range you wish to view.

Select the transaction/payment you want to cancel and click the “Cancel this transaction” button.


Step 7: If you need to cancel a tax payment pending approval, navigate to the “Transaction approvals” tab and select the payment you wish to cancel.

Cancel the tax payment by selecting “Cancel transaction” and confirm by clicking “Ok.”

The Transaction Approval List includes the following types of tax transactions:

  • Pending Approval—Transaction is awaiting approval(s). If the user’s approval limit is below the Tax Payment Amount, the “Approve” button will be greyed out.
  • Queued for Cancellation—Cancellation is pending approvals.
  • Expired—A transaction that was not approved before the 12am MT cut off. Pull down and select “Acknowledge” to move the transaction to the payment history screen.


Step 8: To view your transaction history, navigate to the “Transaction history” tab and enter the date range you wish to view.

You can also narrow your transaction history by the status of the transaction (pending approval, queued for cancellation or expired).


Step 9: If you need to recall a tax payment, please contact your relationship manager.

Payments can be recalled for up to three business days. Tax payments cannot be cancelled once they are processed.


Need assistance?

If you experience an issue trying to login or need your password reset, please reach out to your relationship manager or complete this form. If you need technical support or assistance on a transaction, the best course of action is to contact the CANACT Tax Filing Help Desk at 1-800-206-9444.


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