Why offer group investment plans to employees

By Jason Lorencz 7 February 2019 4 min read

As an employer, you know that finding the right employees is essential for your business success. One of the biggest challenges that might affect your bottom line is attracting a strong team and minimizing staff turnover. Now more than ever, employers are realizing that investing in retention and deepening employee loyalty is vital to the success of their organization.


The benefits of Group Investment Plans for employers.

Employees are seeking opportunities with companies that offer fair compensation and a good benefits plan. While most organizations offer a benefits package that usually includes medical, dental, mental and short and long-term disability coverage, they are not helping to take care of their employees’ financial wellness.

Financial wellness is more than just collecting a pay cheque. Financial wellness is understanding your financial situation, being able to proactively take care of it. It is the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the future and prepared to overcome any unforeseen financial obstacles.

Group Investment Plans are part of a total solution for staff retention and loyalty. They allow employers to offer a complete Financial Wellness Program so employees can easily save for their future and take care of their day-to-day financial well being. Offering a Financial Wellness Program is not only financially beneficial to your staff, it also shows that you’re an employer who cares for their team in a very perceptible way.

Your employees will see and appreciate your generosity as they are able to meet their own financial goals. They will know that they can count on their employer to make an investment in them. An investment that they can grow and carry into the future. Group Investment Plans provide a powerful incentive that can be used to attract and retain a qualified, productive, motivated and loyal workforce.


How will my Group Investment Plan work?

ATB Wealth works with executives and company owners, of all business sizes and sectors, to create financial wellness and retirement savings programs that are tailored to the goals and objectives of your business and the needs of your employees. The only cost to your organization is if you decide to match employee contributions.

As a business owner or executive, you can decide the solution that best makes sense for your organization and your employees and how you can contribute to their investments. These solutions can include Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), non-registered investments and a mixture thereof. We will make sure that the options available in your Financial Wellness Program are varied and that they will meet the individual needs and preferences of your employees.

How you setup your contributions to their investments is up to you, your budget, comfort zone and what makes the most sense for your organization and industry. For example, you might choose to simply match, dollar-for-dollar, contributions to a RRSP. Or, you can contribute a percentage of the employee’s salary based on the number of years they have worked for your company. Typically, the employee’s contributions are automatically taken off payroll and put into their investments of choice. This is something we can help you decide.

ATB’s promise is to provide dedicated support for both the organization and its employees. We want to help you attract and retain top talent and enhance employee loyalty by providing a valuable, useful and meaningful benefit. We are also passionate about seeing your employees’ financial goals realized and ensuring their financial well being.


Group Investment plans benefit employees

The obvious benefit is the additional, matching financial contributions employees will receive towards their retirement savings plan. By your organization matching their contributions dollar-for-dollar, they are literally making a 100 per cent return on investment. There is no better or more lucrative way to save for retirement. Offering this incentive to employees deepens their loyalty to your company and increases staff retention.

Employees will also have flexibility in choosing personalized investment solutions that are tailored to their needs. They will have access to professional advice through their ATB Financial Advisor that will help maximize their plan to reach their financial goals and offer ongoing support throughout their journey.

Automatic payroll deductions are convenient and predictable. An employee will grow accustom to having that contribution deducted from their regular pay and pleased when they see that amount doubled in their retirement savings plan. We can also build in opportunities for additional savings on top of their regular plan that are boosted by matched employer contributions.

Most importantly, your employees will gain financial wellness and become very loyal to your company. That means reducing financial stress and giving peace of mind knowing that their employer cares and is vested in helping them build their financial future.


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Jason Lorencz, RPA
Senior Business Strategist, Group Wealth Services

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