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5 ways a successful women-led business boosts their workplace morale

By ATB Financial 24 December 2018 1 min read

There’s a reason why so many people want to work for mega-influential brands like Google and Facebook. I mean with slides, nap pods, outrageously designed spaces and the freedom to skateboard around the office, work sounds a little less stuffy and a little more like play.

While you may not have a Google budget, there are definitely creative ways to inject some fun into your workplace. Because when your people are having fun, they’re definitely going to be happier humans and employees.

We talked with Breanne and Brittney Ramsey, the sister duo behind Britt Land Services, about how they bring positivity to their workplace. Here are five ideas for you to try out.


1. Employee appreciation (or celebration) events

“Give back to your employees and let them know how much you value them. We hold a yearly event for our staff where we close the office around 11:30 and take them on a surprise adventure. In the past we have done cooking school, golf in Kananaskis, a drum circle at Prince's Island Park, and a shopping event followed by a catered lunch.”

2. Jokes and pranks

"At Britt Land, they’ve been shown to increase employee morale, and everyone always wants to be involved.”

3. Team-building events

"Every quarter we hold a team-building event. Sometimes they fall around holidays like Halloween or Easter. During the Olympics, we hosted the "Britt Land Olympics." They've even fallen on the weekend, when we have everyone and their families out camping."

4. Weekly treat day and organic fruit

"Every week, a different staff member brings in their favourite treat to share with the office on Wednesday. We also have organic fruit delivered weekly for our staff from Spuds."

5. Yearly health and wellness allowance

"Employees can use it for anything to do with their pursuit of health and wellness, like yoga classes, running shoes, or exercise equipment."

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