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indicatorForeign Exchange and Global Trade ATB Financial Markets Update February 2024: Higher for Longer? Or Business as Usual?

ATB Financial Markets Update: February 2024

Watch the experts from ATB's Financial Markets Group address interest rates and foreign exchange trends for February 2024.

What is market volatility and how does it affect foreign exchange rates?

Janek Guminski, senior director, head of foreign exchange at ATB, explores market volatility and effective risk management.

Locking-in rates for future purchases with Forward Contracts

Janek Guminski, senior director, head of foreign exchange at ATB, explains the benefit of Forward contracts with unpredictable currency fluctuations. 

What is an FX Option and when should I use them?

Janek Guminski, senior director, head of foreign exchange at ATB, talks about how FX Options provides investors increased protection.

Documentation to get you set up for hedging business FX risk

Before doing any foreign exchange hedging with ATB, a client must meet these four main requirements, explains Janek Guminski, senior director, head of foreign exchange at ATB.

FX Risk Management Framework

A strategic risk management framework can help mitigate risk and protect your business from the impact of swinging currency exchange rates.

International trade in business: choosing the right currency

Alberta businesses operating beyond Canadian borders can benefit from an in-depth FX strategy that both mitigates risk and identifies opportunities.

The business of your global payments strategy

In a global marketplace, integrating a custom, focused payments strategy could be pivotal to minimizing risk and driving your bottom line.

Geopolitical trade uncertainty: Strategies for Alberta businesses

Establishing a clear idea of the factors that could affect businesses is important to stay ahead of geopolitical trade uncertainty.

Canada’s beef industry: Maximizing export value

Understand the Canadian beef export industry and how strategic foreign exchange (FX) planning can help agriculture leaders handle exposure to the value of the US dollar.

Sweetening the deal on foreign exchange

The honey industry is a booming industry in Alberta; ATB’s FX platform helps honey co-op members navigate foreign exchange to get their honey into the hands of people all over.

How to sell your grain in the US

If you’re looking to sell your grain south of the border, understanding the rules and regulations can help you avoid run-ins with the IRS and hefty tax bills.

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