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Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention

Integrating year round fraud prevention strategies

A front-of-mind discussion around the approaches many fraud actors are taking to capitalize on business vulnerability and how to mitigate risk.

Account takeover fraud

The anatomy of an account takeover, what happens beyond the theft, and fraud tactics that business owners should be aware of in order to mitigate risk.

The immense value of data privacy and how to protect it

For business owners and individuals, Data Privacy Day is an opportunity to learn how personal data is being used and best practices on how to protect it.

How to reduce your business’ cross-border risk

Whether you’re a small or enterprise business, knowing how to manage FX risk when navigating international sales can be critical to your bottom line.

Fraud prevention: Understanding business email compromise (BEC)

Business email compromise impacts companies across the globe and even right here in Alberta. Understand what these fraud attacks are, how to spot them and how to prevent them. 

Protecting you and your business from online fraud

Are you taking the time to properly protect you and your business from online fraud? Falling victim to an online fraud can have a massive effect on your business.

How to protect your business from cyber theft and payment fraud

Protecting your business at every turn.

Foreign Exchange and Global Trade

International trade in business: choosing the right currency

Alberta businesses operating beyond Canadian borders can benefit from an in-depth FX strategy that both mitigates risk and identifies opportunities.

The business of your global payments strategy

In a global marketplace, integrating a custom, focused payments strategy could be pivotal to minimizing risk and driving your bottom line.

How to manage foreign exchange risk

Why Canadian Global uses ATB FX to find the best exchange rate for foreign currency exchange.

Markets and Economy

CEO of ATB Capital Markets, Darren Eurich

ATB Capital Markets: investing in and boosting Alberta

Headquartered in Alberta, ATB Capital Markets brings full-service corporate and investment banking solutions to Western Canada – and beyond.

ATB Financial Markets Group update for September 2023

ATB Financial Markets Update: September 2023

Watch the experts from ATB's Financial Markets Group address interest rates and foreign exchange trends for September 2023.

David Rosenberg speaking at an ATB Capital Markets event

2023 Outlook: David Rosenberg’s advice for Canadian business

David Rosenberg of Rosenberg Research & Associates shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities to expect this year.

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Innovation and Technology

ATB and PurposeMed at 2022 Start Alberta Tech Awards

Four tips for growing a tech business in Alberta

Calgary-based health tech startup PurposeMed shares tips for success.

Embracing digital is a path to recovery for aviation and logistics

For aviation and logistics leaders in Alberta, these are some of the key indicators to pay attention to as the province moves into recovery from COVID-19.

Tech-enabled change will drive Alberta’s economy through the recovery

Opportunities tech innovations offer industry leaders both within their companies and the industries. Plus, what Alberta’s entrepreneurial sector needs to grow.

Growth Management

ATB advisor speaking with client

ATB Private Equity helped Surepoint write its next chapter

With the help of ATB Private Equity, Surepoint Group transitioned to broad-based employee ownership and laid the foundation for a strong future.

Falkbuilt designed working office space


Falkbuilt is an innovator in interior construction, using technology to create efficient, sustainable, high performing and acoustically sound designs.

Blackline safety offices in Calgary Alberta

Blackline Safety takes connected safety technology worldwide

Based in Calgary, Blackline Safety aims to transform the industrial workplace by offering connected safety technology to companies around the globe.

Treasury and Payments

Real-time payments: powering the future of business payments

Real-time payments are here—can your business benefit?

How instant payments are changing the game

Learn about the benefits an instant payments system can offer your business.

What real-time payments mean for your business

In this article, ATB experts explore the cutting edge of payment modernization in Canada.

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