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Tacada: "We got here by being intentional"

By December 2021 edition of Business in Calgary, and Business in Edmonton 8 December 2021 4 min read

Tacada is a family real estate company with a responsibility to last generations. Launched in 1993, the company has grown to be one of Western Canada’s largest builders, having built more than 10,000 homes and developing in excess of 4,200 lots in addition to many quality properties throughout the west.

“My father, Ralph, has been in the home building business, or as he calls it ‘the shelter business,’ since the late 60s,” explains Casey Hutchinson, Chief Strategy Officer. “He founded Daytona Homes in Edmonton. When I joined in 2005, we had two corporate groups: Daytona Homes and Hutchinson Acquisition Corp. I was part of the acquisition group.”

In 2019 the two groups merged to form Tacada. He calls the outcome “exciting,” saying that “This allowed us to optimize our resources with a focus on our core competency in real estate and to set a course for the long haul, diversified in both asset class and geography.”

Through the years the family business has realized a number of milestones including transitioning leadership through succession and significant expansion outside of Edmonton. Today Tacada, with it’s six unique brands, is active in Calgary, Grand Prairie, Lethbridge, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and more recently, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan.

“There has been some international development as well, adds Hutchinson. “We learned how to scale our business to different geographic areas in pursuit of opportunity and sustainability. Our advisors urged us to continue to work at this, so we found an opportunity overseas.”

The growth and success of Tacada is in no way accidental. It has always been underpinned by strategic planning and intention.

Hutchinson says, “There is a line my father has entrenched, ‘if it is to be, it’s up to me.’ This really defines our entrepreneurial drive. We have a true passion and care for the ‘shelter business’ and delivering to the needs of the consumer, along with a genuine curiosity to advance and learn and grow. Behind the entrepreneurial spirit is a discipline that has truly evolved. That discipline has allowed us to build homes and properties at the scale that we do in terms of numbers or geography and to always do so with quality. We got here by being intentional and never wavering from the things that mean the most to us – defined family principles, engraved philanthropic values, an entrepreneurial DNA, and the commitment for sustainable stewardship over generations.”

“Our biggest challenge with this commitment for sustainable stewardship over generations is to meet the changes ahead with the continued ability to learn, adapt and grow,” he continues. “The world is changing. We must take a proactive stance for the needs of housing, community, partners, and other factors like social shifts, economics and even business succession. We need to be adaptive and open minded.”

Together with Joey Moss, the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society, and Winnifred Stewart Association, Daytona Homes and its trade partners built Joey’s Home to provide a safe, comfortable, and affordable environment for young people with developmental disabilities to live on their own, but still have the comfort of having someone available if needed.

Giving back forms a very large part of the corporate culture.

“Giving back is part of our DNA” says Hutchinson. “We set a targeted percentage annually to give back and have donated time and funds to a variety of interests, including the Winnifred Stewart Association. We have donated close to $1 million over the past 24 years to the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society and support youth and children’s hospitals and education.”

He continues, “Today’s ESG elements (environmental, social, governance) have been embraced, with the same attention and planning as other parts of our business, resulting in a road map for giving back. It helps us be thoughtful and effective in our activities. I’d like to say we have been very proactive. We don’t have it all figured out be we are learning and have the engagement of our entire staff. ESG matters to us, not just in our charitable interests, but for the environment and our people as well. Tacada and it’s brands are recognized as ESG leaders and that means a lot to us.”

ATB is part of Tacada’s growth and journey.

“Working with ATB has been extremely positive,” says Hutchinson. “They have always been there to support us with lending as we expanded, not just in Edmonton or Alberta but wherever we grow. They understand our business and needs because they take the time to develop a personal relationship alongside the business relationship. The fact that they are forward thinking like we are also aligns well.”

Hutchinson feels that ATB focuses on Alberta businesses with a deep understanding of the province’s business culture, resulting in seamless processes and resources to help those companies grow locally, and beyond.

On behalf of the ownership and management, Hutchinson says a very big thank you to the team.

“I could go on forever about how passionate and caring our staff and people are in their efforts to build homes in all forms. We are also very grateful our clients have chosen Tacada and our brands, and that enables great people to do what we do best. Thank you!”

Moving forward, Tacada is excited to continue learning, adapting, and growing.

“We will continue to expand our offerings as a home builder and property developer. Housing forms are changing, and we must change with them while always living up to and exceeding expectations of environmental and social stewardship.”

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From the December 2021 edition of Business in Calgary, and Business in Edmonton.

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