ATB 101 Student Program

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ATB 101 is a comprehensive summer student employment program offered from May to August. Beyond their everyday duties, ATB 101 students take part in learning opportunities, mentorship, career development and complete a community project.

As an ATB 101 student, you’ll contribute to ATB by powering possibility for our clients and your team—and we promise you’ll have fun along the way.

We want to create opportunities for all our team members to thrive. For our ATB 101 students, this means:

  • Earning wages at a minimum of $25/hr.
  • Full-time work during core business hours (MT). Virtual/remote work with some in-office opportunities.
  • Technology supplied by ATB, no need to bring your own device.
  • Access to change makers and empowering leaders who invest in your growth and development.
  • Accessible and inclusive roles.
  • Involvement in meaningful, strategic work that advances ATB's goals.
  • Gaining experience that will significantly impact your education and career.

Who we look for

We may be a financial institution, but we know that it takes talent from all backgrounds and majors to make it possible for our clients. We look for students in all faculties and departments from a variety of post-secondary institutions across Canada.

While education is important, transferable skills are a must-have for us. Attributes we’re seeking include:

  • A curious mind—someone who always asks “why” and follows through with execution.
  • The ability to identify opportunities for change.
  • An innovative, digital, entrepreneurial and growth-focused mindset.
  • A knack for collaborating and connecting with diverse groups.
  • Client obsessed.
  • Currently enrolled and/or returning to a post secondary institution, and recent graduates.

What sets ATB 101 apart: the community project

As ATB team members, we understand that success is linked to the greater good—we are successful when the communities we serve are successful. Every year, our student cohort engages in a community project to apply their classroom knowledge and gain new skills, while giving back to the community. ATB 101 students have the opportunity to work directly with a community partner to solve a real-world problem.



“I found that the overall structure of the program was highly engaging and gave me more flexibility to explore various learning opportunities. I liked that I was able to network with fellow 101 students and ATB team members in other areas of the bank. It gave me the chance to learn from others and possibly teach them something I know. The ATB 101 program gave greater networking opportunities and more hands-on work than my previous internship with another bank.”

“This summer has been the best internship yet because I've been able to work with professionals that I respect, who value what I have to offer. It has been such a positive experience overall!”

“The community project turned out to be a great experience for me. I was able to learn a new language—Javascript—and build a fully functional website. It provided me the ideal platform to build a new skill. It was planned and structured well.”

“[The community project] was a great way to make a meaningful impact and collaborate with other ATB 101 students that I would not have otherwise worked with.”

The recruitment journey

  1. Apply to a posting. Review the job profiles on our careers page and choose up to five positions to apply for. Have your resume ready and answer the questions on the application form. Your application will be sent to our hiring leaders for review.
  2. Video prescreen. All shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a brief video pre-screen. Here are some tips for your video interview.
  3. Final interview. All candidates shortlisted from the video pre-screen will be invited to a final interview. This interview can be done over video or in-person, and may be hosted by more than one hiring leader.
  4. Background checks. We require all new hires to pass reference, credit and criminal record checks.
  5. Onboarding. Welcome to the team! All of our new ATB 101 students will come together for a group orientation within the first two weeks of starting.


When to apply

ATB 101 positions are typically posted starting in January. You can find opportunities posted on our careers page and at post-secondary career centre job boards.

ATB 101 recruitment timeline

Types of positions

ATB 101 opportunities vary from year to year and span across many areas of the organization, including:

Tech, Data & Design
Roles involving the design, development and implementation of new technology and tools, data analysis, processes and insights.

Banking & Finance
Roles involving retail, business, corporate and investment banking.

Roles involving legal, regulatory compliance, HR, marketing and communications.

Operations & Support
Roles involving administration, operational and logistical support and coordination.

Why work at ATB

Together, we can kickstart your career. Beyond gaining valuable work experience and building your professional network, here are some perks of working at ATB:

  • Banking benefits
  • Limited health benefits—including mental health
  • Prorated vacation and flex days
  • Additional training and learning opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Earn gift cards, travel experiences and more through our employee rewards program
  • Fuel your passions by joining any of our inclusive team member networks

ATB isn’t your typical employer. Learn more about our values, teams and benefits.

At ATB Financial, we pride ourselves in creating a workplace environment where each of our team members can be their authentic selves. No matter your age, race, geography, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, Indigeneity or anything else that makes you, you, we’re here to help you reach your potential.

Everyone should have a seat at the table. That’s why we work with and include people and communities that haven’t always had their voices heard. We welcome a rich diversity of thoughts, values and life experiences—because including all people only strengthens and enriches our workplace and society.

Take a tangible step towards diversity, inclusion and belonging by joining one of our Team Member Networks. These groups support equity-seeking communities through career development, community building and creating change within the organization to celebrate diversity.

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