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Inclusive Leadership

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We listen to learn, we evaluate to change. Current and future ATB leaders are critical partners in advancing our D&I strategy. We are committed to making sure they have the information and knowledge they need to keep the momentum going.

Listening and Awareness

Last summer, our leaders were focused on listening, which has created a number of opportunities for team members to share and hear stories throughout ATB. Our CEO, Curtis Stange, held his own listening session with team members who had reached out to him.

A number of listening sessions were held across ATB, and the numerous stories and insights shared across many platforms raised awareness of the areas we will need to focus on. Executives also attended a workshop with Dr. Robert Livingston, a Harvard lecturer whose research focuses on diversity and social justice.

These sessions had a profound impact. As one of our team members says:

“Being able to organize and participate in the listening sessions has been the most important work of my life. Team members who shared their stories reignited my belief that I have control and influence within my own work to ensure it is representative of the communities we serve.

I believe ATB will move forward in the right direction, but as I wait to see that movement, I will continue to do the work anywhere that I have influence.”

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostics

As part of the action plan, ATB worked with an external consultant to help inform our diversity and inclusion strategy, and areas of focus. The project was completed in December 2020. The diagnostic involved:

  • Interviewing the executive leaders of ATB’s largest departments to understand their perceptions of diversity and inclusion. 
  • Analyzing human insights data to understand how team members, particularly those from underrepresented communities, move through the organization. 
  • Conducting a thorough review and audit of ATB’s people practices and programs to identify opportunities to make them more equitable and inclusive. This includes talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, career mobility, recognition, and compensation and benefits. 

The results of this diagnostic were presented to ATB’s senior leadership team in December 2020.

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