Indigenous Relations

Cultural Recognition

The foundation of our Indigenous Financial Services Strategy.

Before reconciliation, there must be truth, which means learning about and understanding the history of Canada and the lasting impact on Indigenous Peoples.

Cultural change requires a move away from misconceptions and stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples, and towards reconciliation through truth and knowledge. This learning happens in various forms at ATB including cultural learning programs, community relations, and ‘teachable moments’ like land acknowledgements delivered consistently by leadership and team members. The entire organization is encouraged to take part in cultural learning and recognition activities, which are guided by the Indigenous Relations team.

Indigenous cultural awareness learning

ATB Team Members have access to a learning pathway course that empowers them to learn more about the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and how to become an ally and ambassador for cultural change. They are also encouraged to complete the University of Alberta Indigenous Canada course to learn how they can become an active participant in the reconciliation movement across Canada.

Blanket exercises

A blanket exercise is an interactive teaching tool which uses Indigenous methodologies to build a shared understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of the history of Canada. Participants are actively involved as they step onto blankets that represent the land and the roles of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. ATB team members have had opportunities to participate in blanket exercises as part of our commitment to the TRC Call to Action #92 and building intercultural capacity. Blanket exercises have helped team members connect more meaningfully with Indigenous communities.

“The Blanket Exercise was an educational, impactful, emotional and incredible experience. My team and I unified our efforts in learning about Indigenous History and were motivated to make a commitment to show respect and understanding to ensure we show up as a trusted ally.” - Kimberly Siddall, Branch Manager, Peace River and Grimshaw

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