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Mental health truly affects everyone. It is perhaps the greatest opportunity to collectively raise the wellbeing of Albertans. By supporting access to treatment, resources, research, and initiatives that reduce stigma and prevent suicide, we can do great things—from increasing happiness and productivity, to reducing disability and saving lives.

The challenges we need help solving:

  • How might we support the mental health of children, youth, and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond?
  • How might we ensure Albertans have open and easy access to mental health treatment and resources?
  • How might we reduce the stigma of mental health and mental illness, to make it easier for people in need of support to reach out for help and access resources?

Recent initiatives and partnerships


Distress Centre

As part of our commitment to supporting the mental health of Albertans, we partnered with the Calgary Distress Centre’s volunteer program. It takes over 240 volunteers to support tens of thousands of people in crisis. Distress Centre provides crisis and mental health support through their 24 hour crisis line, email, daily chat and text for youth throughout southern Alberta. Our partnership will help support valuable resources, training and mentorship support.

Video: Distress Centre

National Depression Screening Day

A mental health check-in can be the first step to getting the support one needs. While COVID-19 continued to impact our communities, this year’s National Depression Screening Day may have been more important than ever.

ATB supported the National Depression Screening Day campaign, which was led in Alberta by the Calgary Counselling Centre. The campaign not only addresses depression but challenges the stigma around mental health and seeking help. More than 10,000 people completed the screening this year and were provided with feedback and directed to resources based on the support they were looking for.

Canadian Finals Rodeo

As title sponsor of the 2021 Canadian Finals Rodeo, ATB joined the bid to promote better access to mental health support and resources for competitors. In addition to a direct $10,000 donation—split between the Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team and the Ty Pozzobon Foundation—ATB also offered three therapy sessions to each participant through the Inkblot therapy platform.

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