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Hosted by ATB's Chief Economist Todd Hirsch, The Future Of connects with leaders who share their unique insight to help you navigate into the future.


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Connecting the future, the economy and the community

Crystal balls that accurately depict what the future holds are in short supply. But we can still get a good sense of where things are, and should be heading, by talking to people tasked to lead their organization through the fog and come out the other side successfully and with clarity.

Join Todd Hirsch, ATB’s Chief Economist, as he connects with special guests who offer unique and useful perspectives about the future. Explore how our economy and communities can not only brace for change, but embrace the opportunity it creates. From the future of women in business to the changing nature of work itself, The Future Of helps us understand what’s coming and what we need to do today to get the tomorrow we want.

Featuring two episodes each month, plus bonus episodes, The Future Of includes interviews with top community and business leaders from Alberta and around the world.

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