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Join ATB Financial’s Chief Economist Todd Hirsch as he connects with industry and community leaders who offer unique perspectives into the future and the topics that mean the most to you. Gain valuable insights and information that will help you charter an exciting, but uncertain, future.

Season 2

The Future Of: Season 2 Finale

Here from industry leaders and community members as they answer three big questions about life after the pandemic.

The Future Of Community

We explore building the best nonprofit, workplace, cultural and sports communities. Guests: Harnarayan Singh, Karen Ball, Tara Lockyer

The Future Of Adapting to Unwanted Change

All successful adapters possess the same unique traits. What are they, and how can you use them when facing change? Guests: Rob Roach, Jennifer Buchanan, Sam Jenkins

The Future Of Arts & Culture, Part 2

Opportunities to experience art in person came to a halt during the pandemic. How did we adapt and what does it mean for art of the future? Guests: Adrian Stimson, Nicholas Bell

The Future Of Arts & Culture, Part 1

How does art affect the economy? What does the future hold for artists and what role does ATB's Branch for Arts & Culture play? Guests: Derek Stevenson, Aritha van Herk

The Future Of Retail

Retailers and consumers faced challenges and opportunities throughout the pandemic. What does the future hold? Guests: Pippa & Neige Blair, Manjit Minhas, John Tarnowski

Season 1

2020 Roundup

COVID-19 didn't make our list of 2020 economic stories. Find out why and which events did. Guests: Jackie Forrest, Rob Roach

The Future of Leadership

We explore how a rapidly changing public landscape will determine the future of leadership.  Guests: Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, Curtis Stange

The Future Of Work

We explore what the workplace of the future might look like and what you need to know to prepare for these changes. Guests: Rob Roach, Armine Yalnizyan

The Future of Banking

We uncover what’s coming for the banking sector and what advances you will see over the next decade. Guests: Dr. Michael King, Curtis Stange

The Future Of Women in Business

Explore the progress, challenges and how equal participation of women in business can be achieved. Guests: Teresa Clouston, Lara Murphy


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