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The Future Of Adapting to Unwanted Change

In this series, we explore the unique traits common to people and businesses that found success when facing unwanted change. What are these traits and how can you harness them?

By ATB Financial 14 April 2021

This is a special three episode series on The Future Of Adapting to Unwanted Change. Todd Hirsch, ATB Financial’s VP and chief economist and Rob Roach, deputy chief economist uncover the unique traits that you can lean into to find success when facing change.

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Episode 1

ATB Financial’s VP & Chief Economist Todd Hirsch and Rob Roach, ATB Financial’s deputy chief economist.

This episode begins by answering questions from our listeners. What’s the role of cryptocurrency and how has perception changed over time about its value? How will we recover our “Alberta advantage?” These questions and more! 

Next, we dive into insights from Todd and Rob’s new book, Spiders in Covid Space. We discuss the unique traits shared by people and organizations that were able to adapt and succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic. By knowing and understanding these traits, you can apply them to your own life when faced with unwanted change.

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Todd Hirsch, ATB's VP & Chief Economist
"At every level adapting is an individual story. A business doesn’t have feelings or a mind that can make adjustments - it’s always the human beings involved that do this work."

Todd Hirsch

VP & Chief Economist, ATB Financial

Episode 2

Featuring Jennifer Buchanan, president & founder of JB Music Therapy

JB Music Therapy was built around face-to-face relationships and being centered around its core story of helping clients. When the pandemic hit and in-person meetings were no longer possible and their core story was challenged, how did this organization adapt and find success while still delivering great client experiences? Jennifer’s experience and insights can help businesses and individuals adapt to unwanted change.  

About JB Music Therapy: JB Music Therapy is a team of certified music therapists who collaborate, design and personalize therapy plans with their clients that will foster desired change. Music therapy is an allied health profession and is used in health care, education systems, corporations, and private residences to support individuals of any age or stage of life.

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Jennifer Buchanan, president & founder of JB Music Therapy
"I noticed the level of organization our younger staff brought to the company. They know how to integrate our older processes into the new processes. I find myself gravitating towards the youth and where they are putting their focus."

Jennifer Buchanan

President & Founder, JB Music Therapy

Episode 3

Featuring Sam Jenkins, managing partner at Punchcard Systems & co-founder of

Factoring ‘risk’ into Punchcard’s value proposition is just one of the traits that set Punchcard up to adapt and succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a technology company, Punchcard faced different challenges and hurdles but sharing the common traits of successful adapters meant that Punchcard  not only survived but thrived through the identification of new opportunities. As a leader in this space, Sam talks about the characteristics and traits he and his team drew from to make it through the pandemic, as well as what the future holds for the tech sector in Alberta and beyond. What gaps exist today and what are the opportunities of tomorrow? 

About Punchcard Systems: Punchcard delivers technology and software for enterprise and mid-market businesses with expertise in mobile apps, data and dashboards, systems integration, and internet of things solutions.

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Sam Jenkins, managing partner at Punchcard Systems & co-founder of
"When I think about the future of the technology industry, technology isn’t an industry - it’s going to become the practice. Over the last 20 years I’ve seen technology move from being a nice to have, to a need to have, to a must have"

Sam Jenkins

Managing partner at Punchcard Systems, Co-founder of

About this series

Hear how people and businesses adapted and succeeded during the COVID-19 pandemic. When other businesses were closing their doors, how did these people remain relevant and accessible to their clients?

As discussed in Todd Hirsch’s and Rob Roach’s new book, Spiders in Covid Space, adaptable organizations and individuals share certain traits which we can all examine and learn from. By understanding these adaptive traits, individuals and organizations can invest in building these skills to be better prepared for unwanted change. From knowing your core story to having realistic faith and more, this series helps listeners uncover, understand and use these important traits.


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