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The Future Of Arts & Culture, Part 2

This is part 2 of our series on The Future Of Arts & Culture. We explore the future of Indigenous art and collaboration, physical art spaces, funding, accessibility and more.

By ATB Financial 12 March 2021

This is part 2 of our series on The Future Of Arts & Culture. ATB’s Chief Economist Todd Hirsch is joined by Adrian Stimson, multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist and Nicholas Bell, president and CEO of Calgary’s Glenbow Museum. How will we experience art and fund it in the future? What hurdles remain? And what opportunities are available to those working in the arts?

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Episode 1

Featuring Adrian Stimson. Award winning interdisciplinary artist. BFA with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design, MFA from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Adrian is an interdisciplinary artist and member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation in southern Alberta. His work—including paintings, installation art, performance art, sculpture work and more—has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In this episode, we explore the future of the arts after COVID-19. What new opportunities and challenges did the pandemic create? How does in-person art and performance adapt to the new landscape? What does the future hold for Indigenous artists and those traditionally marginalized in this space?

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Episode 2

Featuring Nicholas Bell, CEO and president of the Glenbow Museum. 

In this episode, we explore the future of physical art and cultural spaces, and how museums adapted to the lockdowns imposed during the pandemic. What can this experience teach us about adapting when facing unwanted change? What gaps remain despite technology and innovation? We explore the image and reputation of museums and how to make them more welcoming and accessible to all in the future.

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"There’s a great opportunity right now that the art world will become even more diverse and that can only lead to wonderful collaborations and more art that in turn creates a better society."

Adrian Stimson

Interdisciplinary Artist

About this series

Hear from leaders on how COVID-19 forced the arts and culture sector to change. As in-person art experiences disappeared due to public health measures, we explore how artists and museums adapted to share their work and space in new ways. This opened up discussion about the accessibility of museums and how innovation can create new access and ways to experience these spaces. We also discuss what the future might look like for Indigenous artists, the opportunities for collaboration, and how the community can support art in new and different ways. 

The conversation also looks at the role of technology in the arts, the gaps that still remain despite technology and how new technology can influence the future of arts funding.


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