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The Future Of Community

How we support the social economy will determine how fast our overall economy recovers. From nonprofits to workplace culture and hockey, see what The Future Of community looks like.

By ATB Financial 26 May 2021 3 min read

In this series, we explore the future of communities and the role the social economy plays in Alberta’s overall economic recovery. ATB Financial’s Chief Economist Todd Hirsch is joined by industry leaders in the nonprofit, for-profit, and cultural sectors to hear their personal stories, insights and advice for building and growing strong communities.

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Episode 1

How did a boy from a small town in Alberta go from pretending to announce hockey games to becoming a cultural, community and hockey icon? Harnarayan’s incredible story is becoming a staple of Canadian and Sikh culture, perseverance and success. In this episode, we go beyond his well-known story and discuss how to build community in the face of adversity, how to amplify individual strengths amongst a community, how to build a thriving community around you and more.

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About Harnarayan Singh: 

Harnarayan Singh is a Canadian sports announcer, journalist and author of the book One Game at a Time. He is the host and play-by-play announcer of Hockey Night in Canada - Punjabi and in 2016 became the first Sikh Canadian to broadcast an NHL game in English.

Harnarayan Singh, Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi, author, NHL play-by-play commentator
"I experienced unwanted change in the early years of Hockey Night in Canada - Punjabi where we were cancelled twice. It was only because of community support to bring on a sponsor that we were able to get through that unwanted change."

Harnarayan Singh

Canadian sports announcer (Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi), journalist and author

Episode 2

Featuring Karen Ball, CEO of Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations & Tara Lockyer, ATB Financial’s chief people officer

This episode begins with Karen Ball, president & CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. As a successful community builder, Karen shares her expertise and insights into the importance of the social economy. Noted as the most innovative sector, nonprofits were supported and are recovering differently from the pandemic. We examine the role of nonprofits in the overall recovery of the Alberta economy and how organizations and people benefit from investment in this sector.

Next, Todd Hirsch talks with Tara Lockyer, ATB Financial’s chief people officer. Along with her team, Tara works strategically to build a workplace community for team members. Tara explains the science and must-haves for building a strong workplace culture. Both leaders and team members play an important role in a successful workplace community. We examine these roles and explore how you can foster an award-winning corporate culture.

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About Karen Ball:

Karen Ball is the CEO & president of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. Her work focuses on innovative communities and systems to support healthy nonprofit operations, capital development, and place-making, providing expertise to organizations seeking deep and meaningful connections with their communities of stakeholders and supporters. 

About Tara Lockyer:

Tara Lockyer: Tara Lockyer is ATB Financial’s chief people officer. Tara oversees ATB’s human resources and team member programs, change management, and internal communications. With a significant tenure in the banking and insurance industries, she brings a wealth of leadership experience in human resources and talent development to the People & Culture team at ATB. Prior to joining ATB, Tara was the Global Head of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness for Manulife.

In this series

We are all part of different communities —  from our physical location to our homes, workplaces, special interest groups and our network of support. Communities are also a large factor in the successful recovery of Alberta’s economy. But how you build, foster and support your communities in the future may be changing. This series delves into how to establish thriving communities into the future. How can you best show up within your communities and what does investing in communities look like going forward?

The stories within this series will inspire you to foster and grow your community. From small town Alberta to Hockey Night in Canada, nonprofits and business culture, The Future Of Community is filled with exciting facets, innovation and change.


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