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The Future Of Education

How will institutional forms of education be challenged to change? In the future, is education accessible to all who want to pursue it and what is the role of organizations to make this possible?

By ATB Financial 29 September 2021 2 min read

In this series we explore the changing landscape of formal and informal education. How will the changing needs of the workforce, community and the economy impact the future of education? What is the role of businesses in making education accessible, and how will these major institutions decolonize and better represent the communities they serve?

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Episode 1 - Chett Matchett, AVP Strategy, Operations and Social Economics & Chris LaBossiere, CEO & Founder - Altitude Investments

In the season 3 premiere episode, Todd Hirsch, ATB Financial’s Chief Economist is joined by two guests to explore the future of education. 

First, Chett Matchett joins the conversation. She is responsible for leading ATB Financial’s Greater Good strategy. One of the major pillars within the strategy is access to education. She shares her experience and insights to help organizations, companies and individuals lobby for programs to support access to education. She breaks down the steps on where to begin if you are looking to create your own social impact strategy and solve society's biggest challenges.

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The traditional—and often flawed—lifecycle of high school, getting a post-secondary education and then finding your forever job is challenged by Chris LaBossiere who shares his entrepreneurial story and how he achieved success outside of receiving formal education. What is the future where formal and informal education collide to ensure continued prosperity? How will innovation and technology advance education and accessibility? How might we recognize and hire for skills outside of bullets-points job postings to ensure the best person is hired for the job?

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Chris LaBossiere, CEO of Altitude Investments
"We will build tools to find [and hire] the best people, with the right skills, who may not be formally educated, and we will unleash their potential."

Chris LaBossiere

CEO of Altitude Investments

episode 2 - dr. linda manyguns, avp of Indigenization & decolonization, mount royal university

in this episode, dr. linda manyguns unpacks the current and future state of formal education. in her new appointment as avp of Indigenization and decolonization at mount royal university, dr. manyguns plays a critical role in the accessibility, instruction and accountability of the university within Indigenous relations. infusing her traditional knowledge throughout her formal education created a new opportunity to acknowledge the collaborative possibilities within institutionalized settings. we unpack how organizations, institutions and individuals can begin their decolonization journey, and why it is critical for the future. how will formal education settings need to change to address current and future needs of the workforce? what role do universities play in tearing down systemic barriers?

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dr. linda manyguns, avp of Indigenization & decolonization, mount royal university
"this job is about opening people’s minds and respecting one another. people are our allies. it’s going to take both voices to make the change."

dr. linda manyguns

avp of Indigenization & decolonization, mount royal university

In this series

The ideals surrounding formal education are being challenged, and educational institutions are tasked with changing at a rapid pace to meet the needs of students, workplaces and the society of the future. The traditional—and often inequitable—lifecycle of highschool, university and getting your forever job is not reflective of the world today or the reality of the future where life long learning may become the standard. In this series, we investigate the future and role of both formal and informal education. How will jobs, workplaces and society recognize and employ for the best skills—outside of formal educational credentials? Where will innovation close gaps in opportunities, and how will institutionalized settings become decolonized and accessible? 


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