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The Future Of Leadership

A pinstripe suit and a corner office are no longer the signs of leader. What qualities do upcoming leaders need to be successful? What can we draw from global events that are shaping the future?

By ATB Financial 12 November 2020

The Future Of Leadership is shaped by today’s events. The rapidly changing landscape might deter some from taking on these roles in the future. But for those eager to lead, knowing what hurdles lie ahead and what the expectations will be can help prepare the leader of tomorrow.

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Episode 1

Featuring Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, former President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calgary.

Dr. Cannon joins Todd Hirsch to reflect on her leadership roles and discuss what future leaders might encounter. She provides unique insight into how to lead when people are divided and what attributes future leaders need. Looking ahead, will we see more women holding these titles and does the public expect leaders to take a stand when it comes to social and environmental issues?

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Episode 2

Featuring Curtis Stange, ATB’s President & CEO and Joan Hertz, ATB’s Board Chair.

Hear leadership lessons from COVID-19 and how this pandemic has drastically shaped the leadership style of the future. What responsibility do leaders have to harness and encourage technology and innovation? What should people be asking of their leaders and how can leaders show up as their true self in this space?

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Joan Hertz, Board Chair
"Leaders who have been most successful through COVID have shown up with warmth, empathy and kindness. They are not afraid to share their personal experiences, but more than that, they deliver as much certainty as they can."

Joan Hertz

ATB's Board Chair

About the series

Hear from leaders who have a perspective on what the future holds for this space. What should upcoming leaders invest in now and how do the leaders of today remain successful in an uncertain future? As a community, what should we expect and ask of our leaders? 

We dig deep into the future of women in leadership and what the boardroom table of the future looks like. Uncover what hurdles lie ahead and what opportunities are available to amplify leadership roles and those who pursue them.


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