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The Future Of Season 2 Finale

By ATB Financial 23 June 2021 1 min read

In this series we are joined by leaders and community members to hear their perspectives on three big questions; when it comes to the economy, what do you want to see built back better rather than just going back to normal? Post-COVID, what do you think is going to remain a permanent societal or cultural change? And what are you most optimistic about for the future?

"I think a permanent change is one of personal insight - where people are focused on what works for them."

Brenda Kenny

Board chair of Alberta Innovates


Big questions about life after the pandemic need big answers. Todd Hirsch, ATB Financial’s chief economist and Rob Roach, deputy chief economist, hear from influential people across Alberta and beyond about their thoughts on what can be built back better post-pandemic, what permanent changes we will see to our lives, and what you can be optimistic about for the future. 

From the demise of physical currency, to equitable participation in the economy and the opportunity to harness social media to reduce divisiveness - the ideas shared in this episode will help you formulate your own answers to these questions.

Guests include: 

  • Armine Yalnizyan, economist and Atkinson Fellow on the future of workers
  • Brenda Kenny, board chair of Alberta Innovates
  • Carille Mendoza, technical product manager at HelpSeeker Technologies
  • Gary Mar, president & CEO of Canada West Foundation
  • Kerry Clark, artistic director of Calgary Folk Fest
  • Martha Hall Findlay, chief sustainability officer at Suncor
  • Peter Tertzakian, economist & deputy director of the ARC Energy Research Institute
  • Roselle Gonsalves, director of diversity, inclusion and belonging at ATB Financial
  • Ryan Jespersen, host of Real Talk

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