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The Future of Trade

From economics and policies, to trips to the grocery store, trade impacts us all. How will technology open the trade of services and intellectual property across borders? All this and more.

By ATB Financial 15 December 2021 2 min read

In the season 3 finale, ATB’s Chief Economist Todd Hirsch is joined by special guests to help unpack the complex topic of trade. From relationships with Canada’s largest trading partners to the ability to monetize and trade services virtually, this series will help you understand the opportunities, possibilities and the future of trade. 

In the second episode, we answer listener questions that have been submitted throughout season 3!

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Episode 1 - Carlo Dade, Director, Trade and Investment Centre, Canada West Foundation

Carlo Dade joins the conversation to talk about one of Canada’s largest trading partners, China. What is the future of trade with China as it emerges as the largest global economy? As China’s middle class continues to grow, the opportunities for Canada to export more goods and services grows as well. 

How will entrepreneurs or business owners navigate trade relations and supply chains? How do we create a world where two economic systems co-exist? Answering these questions will guide Canada’s policies and thinking into the future. 

All of this and more!

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Carlo Dade, Director, Trade and Investment Centre, Canada West Foundation, outside in suit and tie
"For Canada, our goal has never been about reducing global absolute poverty. Our niche is feeding and serving those in the middle class, those who can afford to spend more. The rise of China as the largest global middle class population has certainly made it of interest to us here in Canada."

Carlo Dade

Director, Trade and Investment Centre, Canada West Foundation

Episode 2 - Rob Roach, Deputy Chief Economist, ATB Financial 

This episode begins with Rob Roach and Todd Hirsch tackling our listeners’ questions around the economy, education, unemployment and COVID-19.

Then, the conversation turns to the future of trade. Having come from a world where certain products - like pineapples - were only available during a certain time of year, to a new world where now, many of us can access global commodities with the click of a button; our relationship and interactions with trade have transformed dramatically and are determining the course of our future. Beyond goods that Canada imports and exports, the trade of intellectual property and services through virtual and online platforms is on the rise. How will technology and our ability to connect with others across the globe impact trade as we know it? Join us to find out. 

From free-trade to protectionism, there are ample opportunities for Canada, and each of us, to explore.

Learn more about ATB Financial’s current economic forecast here.

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Rob Roach, Deputy Chief Economist, ATB Financial, in suit and tie
"A lot of the economy is actually “services”. When you think of medical services, you can now have a zoom call with a professional and be served from diagnosis to treatment. These services can now be traded internationally. The futurists are pointing to a huge increase in trades of services."

Rob Roach

Deputy Chief Economist, ATB Financial

In this series

Trade is a complex topic with many competing priorities. In this series, we discuss the future of trade with China, Canada’s policies and opportunities, managing trade relations and the future of trading services through online and virtual platforms. We also answer listener questions that were received throughout season 3 including questions around education, the economy, unemployment and COVID-19. 

From protectionism to open and free trade, which practices will best support the Canadian economy? What is missing from the current trade environment that technology and innovation will solve for in the future?  All of this, plus more, on The Future Of Trade. 


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