Making a difference one Teddy at a time

We’re making some changes to our Teddy for a Toonie fundraiser—but one thing we won’t change is our continued support for the health of Albertans.

By ATB Financial 25 October 2021 2 min read

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One of the best ways we can give back to our community is by making a difference where it’s most needed today.

To help us make that difference, for our 2021 ATB Teddy for a Toonie campaign, we’re pleased to announce a new partner: Kickstand. 

Kickstand is creating a bright future for Alberta youth by addressing a gap in mental health support for those between the ages of 12-24. By focusing on prevention, early intervention and care at every level, Kickstand puts young people at the heart of their work.


It’s OK to not be OK

About 20 per cent of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder. When it comes to mental illness, youth is a critical period, as most people living with a mental illness see their symptoms begin before age 18.  

Only one out of five Canadian children are receiving the mental health care they need, and youth deaths by suicide results in more deaths for young people than cancer, AIDS and all other natural causes of death combined.

According to Kickstand, the need in Alberta is greater than ever.  

"Our work is more vital than ever to support young people as they navigate the unique challenges of entering adulthood alongside the stress and isolation of the pandemic,” said Deborah McKinnon, President & CEO, Mental Health Foundation “Above all else, young people simply need an easy way to access support. We're giving youth an opportunity to shape the services that matter to them, and by offering them virtually, no matter where they are, help is available." 


A Greater Good for All

The partnership with Kickstand is one way ATB is implementing its Greater Good Strategy, which serves to help solve some of society’s biggest challenges. 

“As part of our Greater Good strategy, we want all Albertans to have access to mental health supports,” said ATB President and CEO Curtis Stange. “We believe that youth mental health in our province is an immediate priority. Kickstand has taken an innovative approach towards engaging and supporting youth in meaningful ways.”  

A “Pawsitive” path forward for youth

Buy a bear to support Kickstand and youth mental health in Alberta.This year will be your last chance to purchase a $20 teddy in our ATB branches or on ATB Marketplace starting October 25. ATB clients can also enter the Teddie for a Toonie Contest for $2 per entry or purchase 20 entries for $20.

Our bear this year is named “Pawsitivity,” our nod to the hope and optimism we bring when we come together to support this campaign. We hope you’re ready to give him a squeeze! 

Purchase your “Pawsitivity” bear at any ATB branch, on the ATB marketplace, or make a personal contribution here

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