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Real-time INTERAC e-Transfer® for Business

In our tutorial, we review how to send funds by INTERAC e-Transfer using ATB Business online banking.

By 18 August 2022 1 min read

Transfer funds instantly in just a few steps

Ready to make your first Interac e-Transfer for business? Getting started is easy.

  1. Log in to ATB Business.
  2. On the Accounts Summary page, click Payments and Transfers in the primary navigation.
  3. Click the Interac e-Transfer menu option.
  4. On the Interac e-Transfer page, click the Send Money tab.
  5. From the To dropdown menu, select an existing recipient or click the Add recipient link.
  6. To add a recipient, first enter their name.
  7. Select Account number as the Preferred contact method.
  8. Enter your recipient’s Bank number, Transit number and Account number.
  9. If desired, you can opt to notify the recipient of an impending transfer by email (enter Email address) or text message (enter Phone number).
  10. Click the Add recipient button at the bottom of the screen to save the information.
  11. Back on the Send Money page, your new recipient will be selected and related details displayed.
  12. From the From account dropdown menu, select the account you’d like money transferred from.
  13. Enter the Amount you'd like to transfer.
  14. If desired, include a Message to [your] recipient.
  15. You have the option (select Yes if desired) to provide additional details to your recipient including remittance details like Invoice number, Invoice amount and Invoice issue date.
  16. Once the form is complete, click Next.
  17. On the Verify Send Money page, review and verify the transfer information noting that the deposit will be sent directly and cannot be reversed.
  18. If everything looks good, click Send.
  19. The Send Money Confirmation page will provide you with all the relevant information.
  20. You're all done!

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