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How to edit a user’s email and password on ATB Business

Learn how to edit and user’s email and password on the ATB Business online banking platform.

Updating a user’s email

On a User’s profile page, under Security details, click Change email. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision by clicking Continue.

Now you can enter a New email address, Re-enter the new email address and click Save. A verification email will be sent to the new address, and an email would be sent to the old email address letting them know that the change was made. The updated email will have an unverified label beside it on the User’s profile page until the User verifies the change.

Resetting a user’s password

On the User profile page under Security, click Reset password. Double check that the User’s email is correct, since reset instructions will be sent to the User’s email. Confirm the password reset by clicking Reset.

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