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How to reset a user’s two-factor authentication on ATB Business

Learn how to reset a user’s two-factor authentication (2FA) on the ATB Business online banking platform.

Reset two-factor authentication for a user

Whether the user has set up two-factor authentication using mobile phone (text message) or email, the process to change their 2FA is the same for the Client Admin who’s initiating the change:

  1. In ATB Business, click Admin in the main navigation, then click Users.
  2. From the list of users, click on the one you want to manage.
  3. On the user's profile page, under Security, you can see if Enhanced Security, or two-factor authentication, is enabled for this user.
  4. If you want to change the 2FA details associated with this user, click Deauthorize 2-factor authentication.
  5. To confirm this action, click Deauthorize. This will force the user to reauthorize the mobile phone number or email they use for 2FA. You’ll see that Enhanced Security is disabled until the user re-enrols.
  6. You're all done!

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