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How to send a Global ACH Transfer with ATB Business

By 5 March 2024 3 min read

1. Log into ATB Business Online with username and password

Log in to the ATB Business Banking Platform using your username and password. You will be challenged and will need to input a six digit code sent to your cell phone.

2. Validate account for set up with Visa

You will need to confirm that your name and address as displayed on ATB Business Banking is correct.

From the Overview screen click on Payment & Transfers and select Global ACH Transfers.

Confirm that business name and address are correct.

If correct, click on the checkbox and select Next

If the name and/or address is incorrect, call the number on the screen to have the information updated. The information can only be updated by calling ATB at 1-877-363-4855.

3. Create a recipient

A “Recipient” is the business or individual who receives the transfer. Create one by selecting Recipients from the Global ACH Transfers screen.

Click on Add recipient.

Complete the Bank Information details. All fields are mandatory.

Ensure that the ABA routing number (not a Fedwire one) is used to avoid returns and associated fees.

Select Next.

Enter Recipient information details. All fields are mandatory.

Select whether the recipient is a Business or Individual and enter the necessary information.

Ensure that the personal name or business name matches what was entered in the previous screen under Account holder.

Using PO Box addresses will result in the transaction being returned. Select Next.

Verify the information is correct and select Save recipient or use the Back button to go back and make changes to the recipient’s information.

Once saved, you will see a confirmation message.

You are strongly encouraged to send a test transfer prior to sending a Global ACH transfer to confirm the recipient’s information is correct.

Step 4: Send a Global ACH Transfer

From the Overview screen click on Payment & Transfers and select Global ACH Transfers.

On the Global ACH Transfers screen select Create Global Transfer and then Send Single Transfer.

Click on the drop down arrow to display the account from which the transfer will be sent.
Only accounts from which Global ACH Transfers can be sent will be displayed.*
*You will be charged an additional fee if a Savings account is used.

In the From account field, select the account you will use to send the transfer by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

In the To recipient field, click on the dropdown arrow to select a previously-saved recipient or create a new recipient by clicking on Create new recipient and following the prompts in Step 3 above.

Once the recipient has been selected, you will be able to edit the recipient.

Transfer date:

  • Automatically populated to current date. Can be future dated up to 60 days.

Amount sent:

  • Enter the amount of the transaction.

Amount received:

  • For USD to USD, the amount sent and amount received will be the same. However for other currencies (for example CAD to USD or other foreign currencies) the conversion will be displayed in the amount received. Currently you may only send single USD to USD transactions, but more functionality will be added throughout 2024. You may also choose to enter the amount that you want the recipient to receive and the amount sent will be populated with the appropriate exchange rate.

Purpose of payment:

  • Choose a reason for sending this transaction by clicking on the dropdown arrow and selecting the appropriate option. This is a mandatory field.

Message to recipient:

  • Optional message which is transmitted to the recipient’s bank. There is no guarantee that the recipient’s bank will publish the message to the recipient. This field accepts characters.

Fees and transfer time:

  • Transfer fee for a single transaction is $5 and is automatically populated.
  • Total Transfer cost equals the amount sent plus the transfer fee.
  • Estimated transfer time gives the timeframe that the payment is expected to arrive in the recipient’s bank.

After filling in the fields above, select Next.

You will see the verification screen. If details are incorrect, you can Cancel the transaction.

If the details are correct, select Send.

You will see confirmation of the sent transfer. Click on Back to summary to return to the landing page.

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