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How to use the Approve & Decline functions on ATB Business

Review, approve or decline actions initiated by your team on the ATB Business online banking platform.

If you have several members of your team working together in ATB Business, we’ve built an approval function into our new system. Now your team can initiate actions subject to an an approval workflow, where they can either be approved or declined.

  1. When you log in to ATB Business, you'll receive alerts of actions needing your approval. Just look for the bell icon to the right of the main navigation. You can access these actions directly by clicking View on any alert.
  2. You can also access outstanding approval requests by clicking Accounts in the main navigation and then clicking Approvals.
  3. On the Approvals page, you’ll find a list of approval requests. You can choose to click Approve or X (Deny) or you can click an approval request to see the related Transaction details (including the number of approvals required, approval Status, and Approval Expiry).
  4. On the Transaction details page, click Approve or Reject to take action and confirm in the subsequent pop-up window.
  5. Back on the Approvals page, click Pending to see a list of approvals in process or History to review past approval activity, including approved, expired and declined transactions.

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