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How to use the Approval & Decline functions on ATB Business

Review, approve or decline the actions your team has initiated in your business’s accounts and products.

If you have several members of your team working together in your online business banking, we’ve built in an approval function into our new system. This way, your team will be able to initiate actions for you to look over and either approve or decline.

You'll receive alerts of actions needing your approval through the bell icon in the navigation menu. You can access these actions directly by clicking View on any alert. You could also access all of the approval requests that need to be reviewed by going to the Accounts dropdown menu and clicking Approvals.

Here you’ll find a list of approval requests. You can click on an approval request to see the Transaction details. This includes the number of approvals required, Status, Approval Expiry, Payment information, Recipient information and Delivery information.

If you click on History on the Approvals page, you can review the approval history, including approved transactions, expired transactions and declined transactions. All of that information is available if you click on a transaction and go to Transaction Details.

To approve a transaction, click the Approve button on that transaction. In the pop up window you’ll be able to review the transaction details before confirming. Click Approve to confirm the approval.

To reject a transaction, click the X button on that transaction.

You can also Approve or Reject a transaction in the Transaction Details pages.

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