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Limits are applied by Corporate Administrators to payment services at the role level to ensure secure money movement practices. Approvals can be caused when those limits are exceeded at the role level.

A notification will be sent to the members of the designated approval role. The designated approval role is set when managing the limits within roles.

When all approvals have been received, the activity that created the approval will then be processed.

The activity that created the approval will not be processed.

After selecting services and permissions and clicking Done, a notification will appear indicating that your action has either been successful or has failed. If an approval is required, the status will be set to Pending.

In some cases, a mandated approval may be applied at the business level. This means that ATB has specified that an approval is required for any and all transactions. The Corporate Admin will not be able to override that rule.

Users with approval permissions will not be notified externally by the system. The User initiating the action will need to contact the other User to advise that their approval is required.

Upon logging in, Users will see the bell icon in the top right displaying the number of actions pending. Clicking the bell icon will produce a list of items which the User may then review for additional information. The User may also review the list by selecting the Approvals tab.

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