How to manage your electronic statement preferences on ATB Online

Learn how to quickly and easily switch to and access electronic documents (E-Statements) for your accounts on ATB Online banking.

  1. Log in to ATB Online
  2. From the Accounts screen, click E-Statements in the secondary navigation
  3. To switch to E-Statements:
    1. On the E-Statements screen, click the Edit Statement Preferences button near the top
    2. Select your Statement Delivery preference for each account but selecting it from the drop-down menu on the right
    3. Click the Statement Alert checkbox if you wish to receive email notifications of statement availability
    4. You can also edit your email address and mailing address if needed 
  4. To access your E-Statements:
    1. From the E-Statements screen, in the Choose Account… drop down menu, Select an account to view the statement(s)
    2. Click the relevant month under the relevant year to see the statement (PDF)
    3. Click the + (plus sign) to expand previous years

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