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Business Savings Account

You’ve worked hard to build your earnings—make them earn for you.

For the wise businessperson

​A Business Savings Account is for you if you've planned your cash flow wisely and have a little extra cash in your business.

Earn from your earnings

​Why not earn some interest on your extra earnings and offset your other bank account fees?

Pay only for use

​Enjoy no monthly fees, just pay for the transactions you need.

Key product details

Interest earned $0 - $24,999: 0.20%1
$25,000 & over: 0.35%1
Monthly fee, Statement $0
In-branch bill payments, credits & debits $1.25 each
Electronic bill payments, credits & debits $1.00 each
Additional telephone inquiries & transfers $0.60 each
Interac e-Transfer® Send $1.50 + $1.25 debit fee
Free to receive

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have less than $100,000 in savings, the Business Savings Account has better optimized rates to fit your needs.

If you have more than $100,000 in savings and appreciate the liquidity of a savings account, the T-Bill Savings Account provides better earned interest rates.

If you're okay with not having access to your funds for 6 months or more, you may want to consider investing some of your savings into a GIC. We can help with that, too. 

The interest rate applied varies for each tier of the daily or monthly, as applicable, closing balance of the account --one tier being the portion of the balance below $25,000, and the other tier being the portion of the balance $25,000 and above. For example, a balance of $30,000 in a Business Savings Account would receive an interest rate of 0.20% on the first $24,999.99 and an interest rate of 0.35% on the remaining $5,000.01.

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