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Business US Dollar Chequing Account

Business US Dollar Chequing Accound

Convenient payment options, comprehensive support.

Save yourself the hassle

You regularly conduct business in US funds. Streamline your transactions by writing cheques in USD, payable directly from your own account.

Access services you need

Full access to in-branch services. You can also transfer funds between your USD accounts using telephone, online, and mobile banking.

Pay less for payments

​With the Business US Chequing Account, you pay a low monthly fee of $7 USD. Because making payments shouldn't cost you more.

Key product details

Monthly fee $7 USD
Debits $1.15 USD (Electronic), $1.25 USD (Manual)
Credits $1.15 USD (Electronic), $1.25 USD (Manual)
In-branch bill payment $1.25 USD + $1.00 USD debit fee
Cheques $1.25 USD (Written), $0.22 USD (Deposited)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business US Dollar Chequing Account is designed for businesses who do most of their USD transactions via cheque - or transfer to another one of their own ATB USD accounts. Therefore, access to ABMs and point of sale purchases aren't available with this account.

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