What an agriculture relationship manager can do for you

Get the industry expertise and support you need, so you can focus on doing what you do best: running your farm or ranch.

By ATB Financial 15 September 2022 3 min read

You’re looking toward a future that’s even more profitable for your operation and strategic for your agribusiness. When you’re in harvest or calving season, there often is no extra time in the day to focus on anything but the task at hand. An advisor is a trusted partner—with specific ag industry expertise—who can  answer questions and support planning for today and tomorrow.

What can an ag relationship manager do for you?

An ag relationship manager will sit down and be part of the conversation for future growth or expansion of your business, whether that’s buying the land next door that you've been renting for the past 10 years or expanding your herd by retaining more heifers in a given year. They’ll go over the current financial results of your farm and work with you to provide tailored advice and solutions to your goals.

Relationship managers will take the time to understand your operations and plans. If applicable, they will make product recommendations to support your farm or ranch, including equipment financing, lines of credit to navigate seasonal cash flow needs—through the growing season or until the calves are sold, for example—plus saving and investment options for the future.

“In today’s world we’re making deals on equipment one year out, buying fertilizer 11 months in advance, purchasing land for next season’s crop,” says Kyle, relationship manager with ATB. “To support our experts, we have a valuable network of economists and advisors to provide information on key trends and predictions, right at your fingertips. We offer full service banking at ATB.”

Relationship managers calculate key ratios when they assess if you qualify for a product and provide expert advice based on what these ratios say about your operation. These ratios will help you make decisions about both daily operations and  strategic plans for the days, months and years to come.

Industry expertise

An agriculture relationship manager will have deep industry knowledge so they can help you make informed financial decisions that reflect the current economy and trends. Like an accountant, lawyer and transition consultant, an ag relationship manager will know Alberta agriculture and what it means to operate here. 

“I'm a third generation grain farmer,” shares Kyle Sawatzky. “ATB allows me the flexibility to both work on our family farm where we crop 1,250 acres of canola, barley and wheat, and work with great agriculture producers in the area I cover. I've found farmers and ranchers are drawn to that fact and feel more comfortable in our initial meeting when I can say I've been in their position."

Kyle Sawatzky, ATB Relationship Manager

Whether you run a grain, cattle, dairy or other operation, your relationship manager will understand current trade environments and what that means for current and future cash flow. 

Build your legacy

Thinking about the future? Whenever you’re ready to begin succession planning, an ag relationship manager has the advice, solutions and services to help the next generation grow and prosper. 

Flexibility for real-life farming

We understand that agriculture is not a 9 to 5 job, but a lifestyle—one that doesn’t play by the same limits and timelines as the corporate world. At ATB, all aspects of the bank operate locally. A relationship manager lives and breathes ag in Alberta and can meet you where you are at. 

Supporting you now & tomorrow

We understand Alberta agriculture because this is where we do business. We are with you in good times and bad. An ag relationship manager will help you find the right financing, customized to what you need.

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