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Long love this land.

Agriculture is the heart of Alberta and ATB.

Proudly serving this sector since 1938, we combine a deep understanding of agriculture, a commitment to rural communities, and some of the best financial minds with unparalleled knowledge of what it takes to succeed.

ATB Farm Succession Guide

It’s time to make a plan. A comprehensive guide on the farm succession planning process.

Group Wealth Services for your agriculture operation

Today’s job market is highly competitive. An employee benefits package can help set your farm or ranch apart.

What an agriculture relationship manager can do for you

Get the industry expertise and support you need, so you can focus on doing what you do best: running your farm or ranch.

Four tips for growing a strong legacy on the family farm

ATB Wealth senior financial advisors share their top tips for overcoming the most common challenges for growing intergenerational wealth on the family farm.

Tips for intergenerational wealth transfer on the farm

ATB experts discuss farm wealth transfer and how you can protect your farm for future generations.

ATB Director Dylan standing in dairy operation

Finding balance on the farm: Dad, Dairy farmer, and ATB Director

Dylan Wyntjes, owner of Prairie Hill Dairy Farm and supply management segment specialist at ATB, discusses how he finds balance on, and off, the farm.

The value of sharing data from your Farm Management System

How to better leverage the real-time benefits of your Farm Management System by having it communicate with your financial institution.

Alberta’s agriculture industry is boosting economic diversity

Opportunities for Alberta’s ag industry include carbon offset programs, nurturing the agritech sector and bridging the existing capital gaps that slow down economic growth.

Talking about mental health in rural Alberta

Agriculture is an essential and stressful industry. Amy Monea discusses the importance of talking about, and addressing, mental health in rural Alberta.

Farm transition: sustainable growth with Perry Farms

Learn how the Perry family navigated the farm transition and found a balance between legacy and diversification.

Agriculture's role in Alberta’s economy during COVID-19

Alberta’s agriculture sector emerges as a key economic driver as the province rebuilds throughout the pandemic.

Tips for starting your own herd in Alberta

Advice for young ranchers starting a herd to help ensure long-term success in Alberta’s agriculture industry.

Wheat field against a dark blue sky

Tough harvests: planning your next move as a producer

Farmers throughout the province have had their resilience put to the test this year. If you’re an Albertan producer, know that you’re not alone.

Sugar Beets: One of Alberta’s most unique agricultural industries

Sold in Albertan grocery stores, sugar beets are a part of the local agricultural industry, producing products like granulated sugar, icing sugar and molasses.

Spirits of the West

David Farren, CEO of Eau Claire Distillery, talks about his experience funding, growing, and excelling in his business creating whiskey in Alberta’s Turner Valley.

Need a new tractor? Combine crapped out? Should you lease or buy?

Deciding whether to buy or lease new agricultural equipment can be difficult. Our Agricultural Experts are here to help make that decision simpler.

Managing your liquidity ratio during the 2019 crop year

After a couple of challenging crop years, current liabilities may begin to creep up, putting pressure on that ratio of current assets to current liabilities

Sweetening the deal on foreign exchange

The honey industry is a booming industry in Alberta; ATB’s FX platform helps honey co-op members navigate foreign exchange to get their honey into the hands of people all over.

3 ways to make the most of a good year

If good weather, high prices and lots of hard work have given you some extra funds for the farm, what should you do with it?

Alberta farm catches lightning in a bottle (of water, that is)

Clear Lake Hutterite Colony (CLHC), located just northeast of Claresholm, diversifies their farm operations with bottled spring water. 

3 steps to successful farm succession planning

The three steps in ensuring your farm's continued success after your retirement: transferring labour, control, and ownership.

YU Cattle Company rides on

YU Cattle Company is a thriving, family farming operation thanks to hard work and a commitment to sustainability.

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