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At ATB we are obsessed with Albertan entrepreneurs. Whether you're dreaming, building, or growing, we are committed to making sure you have the tools, resources and good advice you need to achieve your entrepreneurial vision.

Traction Channels Exercise

A condensed explanation of the 19 Fraction Exercises and the Bullseye Framework from the book Traction by Gabriel Weinberg.

ATB Startup Costs Template

A template for estimating your startup costs including personal investment and bank loans, equipment and inventory, and working capital.

ATB Personas Template

A fillable template to help you develop well-rounded customer personas.

ATB Hiring Handbook

You may have been flying solo or working hard with your business partner up ‘til this point, so how do you know when it’s time to expand your team of one or two?

ATB Elevator Pitch Template

A 4-step template to help you perfect your elevator pitch.

ATB Competitive Analysis Template

A competitor analysis template to fill out when starting out your business and periodically.

ATB Cash Flow Canvas

Figuring out your cash flow is important for running a successful business. Use this template to help you think about your cash flow.

ATB Marketing Plan Template

ATB’s Marketing Plan Builder will help you create a strategy for raising awareness of your business, finding the right customers, and bringing them in the door.

ATB Business Plan Template

Use this simple template to get your business plan started on the right track, including a SWOT analysis and financial plan.

ATB Business Plan Guide

Use this guide with the ATB business plan template to get your business plan fully developed and ready for action.

ATB Business Continuity Plan

A guide to building your plan for tackling the unknown and unpredictable.

ATB Business Transition Guide

Learn the steps you should take to successfully sell and transition out of your business.

ATB X Lean Canvas Template

An actionable resource designed to help Albertan entrepreneurs identify the right business model based on where they’re at in their entrepreneurial journey. 

The ATB Entrepreneur’s guide to starting a business

Entrepreneurship is hard. Learning about it shouldn’t be.

The ATB Entrepreneur’s Guide to crowdfunding

Share your story and give your business idea the spotlight it deserves!

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