indicatorAdvice for Alberta businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Supply chain insights to help you navigate the unknown

By ATB Financial 30 June 2020

An in-depth discussion how to analyze and manage the risks in your current supply chain, and opportunities to make supply chain management a fundamental building block to your future success.

Throughout this discussion we’ll explore:

  • Political and global issues that are affecting supply chains
  • Risks and issues that COVID-19 laid bare
  • Mapping your supply chain
  • Strategic risk management of your supply chain
  • Changes in market demands and supply chain roadmapping
  • Local relationships to help you grow: specific considerations
  • Coming out of COVID-19: Performing a reassessment
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Outsource, offshore, or nearshoring: how are these plans changing and considerations for accurately doing a cost/benefit analysis
  • Building relationships with your suppliers to help you prioritize effectively
    Understanding that everyone is a customer

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