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Cash flow management for entrepreneurs

Free on-demand webinar presented by the ATB Entrepreneur Centre

By ATB Financial 17 September 2020

Video: Working through the COVID-19 cash flow challenge

Navigating cash flow challenges during a pandemic and an economic crisis is still on the minds of many Alberta entrepreneurs, and as the economy continues to shift, the challenges facing entrepreneurs around cash flow continue. Blaine Bertsch from Dryrun takes us through the following:

  • Cash flow fundamentals
  • The value of having your data up to date
  • How your cash flow metrics factor into lending or business decisions

Video: Cash flow management during times of uncertainty

In today’s challenging and constantly shifting business landscape, many entrepreneurs are feeling overwhelmed and left wondering what more they could be doing to elevate and protect their business during a deeply impacted market. To increase your chances of successfully pulling through the storm, it is paramount to have a full understanding of your current cash flow situation and how you could apply best business practices that not only mitigate cash flow loss, but also provide room for opportunity. Throughout this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Strategies on how to pivot your business to generate revenues and minimize expenses
  • How to identify the potential impacts when shifting your cash flow strategies by sharing a specific example

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