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How small businesses can master money and reinvent their financial reality

By ATB Financial 12 November 2020 less than a minute

Put aside everything you “think” you know about money—Taunya Woods, creator of the Money Mastery Matrix, explores the mechanics, science, and the biology of mastering it.

There’s a methodology to money mastery—it’s a formula that converges the disciplines of Money Management, Mindset and Motive. Since introducing her methodology in 2018, thousands have come to reinvent their financial reality including:

  • Earning "Magic Numbers"
  • Wiping out debts
  • Increasing the value of their businesses
  • Raising prices while growing their client base
  • Paying themselves what they’re worth

With riveting accounts, compelling scientific research, and a personal narrative delivered with transparency and humour, Taunya shares her deeply relatable and remarkable journey into mastering her finances and the three aha moments that forever transformed her relationship with money.

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