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Advice from the women behind BRITT Land and Engagement

By ATB Financial 16 January 2020 1 min read

Meet the women behind BRITT Land & Engagement. Since taking over their father’s company when they were both under 30, Breanne Ramsay and Brittney Ramsay, along with BRITT Land & Engagement COO Dayna Morgan, have learned a lot about business, leadership, and themselves. Here are some of the key learnings the trio has taken away since taking on the challenge of running a big land brokerage in a predominantly male-dominated industry.

Video: The story of the women behind BRITT Land & Engagement

8 pieces of advice for Alberta’s women in business


  • Invest in yourself: Seek out continuous learning, from leadership skills to understanding financials - play up your curiosity and go there.
  • Join a peer mentoring group. There’s nothing like a group of strong women who really get where you’re coming from to support you.
  • Surround yourself with awesome people who either fill in a gap or manage your weaknesses, and allow them to own and really run with the areas where they add value.
  • Get comfortable with rejection. You are not going to be a fit for everyone and they aren’t all going to be a fit with you. And that’s okay.
  • Get comfortable in your skin and believe in what you do - and get there at any cost.
  • Have procedures and steps in place. Have strategic partners you can lean on.
  • Not everything needs to be perfect. build up the skills to pivot quickly to move in a better direction when you need to.
  • The biases are real. Have those conversations, talk about them, share experiences - and own your voice. Don’t shy away from your voice.


"There’s not very many female-run land brokers with women (at the time we were) under 30. So that was something that could have been a detriment for us, and we decided, let’s own that and run with it."

Brittney Ramsay

CEO BRITT Land & Engagement

Whether you are starting your own company or taking over the family business, being a business owner is hard. Women especially face unique barriers when it comes to accessing financial, entrepreneurial and social capital. Whether you’re starting or growing your own business, or helping to lead the charge in building up a company you believe in, mentorship from other women business leaders can make all the difference in helping you break down those barriers, and unleash your full entrepreneurial potential.


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