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Breaking Ground for Women in Business

Women’s entrepreneurship and leadership in business in Alberta is growing, evolving and more dynamic than ever before. At ATB, we’re looking to completely change the game for women in business. First stop? Barriers. We're committed to breaking through the barriers women in business need to access the networks, resources, and funding they require to unleash their full entrepreneurial potential.

ATB x DirectHer on the power of gender diverse boards

Learn about the power of board gender diversity, the basics of board structure, how to secure a place on a board of directors and make an impact once you’re there.

Six ways to support and empower Alberta’s women entrepreneurs

How to support Alberta's women-owned businesses and where to find them.

How to support the women entrepreneurs of Alberta’s economy

When it comes to growing a small business, women face specific challenges that can have a negative impact on how fast they scale up. How can women overcome the barriers to growth?

Advice from the women behind BRITT Land & Engagement

Women leaders in business share advice after taking on the challenge of running a big land brokerage in a predominantly male-dominated industry.

What Manjit Minhas wants entrepreneurs to know

Ever wanted entrepreneurial advice from a Dragon’s Den Dragon? Manjit Minhas offers 6 keys to entrepreneurial success.

Buttercream clothing shares advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Candice from Buttercream Clothing shares her advice on going above and beyond to meet her customers needs and how she has developed her business into a cult fashion brand.

Transitioning into business: Lessons from BRITT Land & Engagement

Learn from one of Alberta’s leading land and engagement consulting firms through an in-depth conversation around achieving financial clarity.

Reimagining women's entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs face specific additional barriers when it comes to the financing a startup. Join ATB's Shannon Pestun as she uncovers these barriers.

Leveraging the crowd with Cozy Intentions

Tracy Persson of Cozy Intentions successfully funded her own crowdfunding campaign; and she has tips for you to make your own crowdfunding campaign a success.

Leveraging the crowd with Bravery Blends

Heather Heystek goes through her crowdfunding journey with Bravery Blends and offers advice on leading your own crowdfunding campaign to success.

Leveraging the crowd with Common Good

How Hannah and Dave Cree of Common Good leveraged the crowd to get the most out of their crowdfunding campaign.

Leveraging the crowd with Sensational Path

Erin Grujic’s company Sensational Path crushed their crowdfunding goals - check out her advice to take your campaign to the finish line.

Leveraging the crowd with Confetti Sweets

Looking to make your crowdfunding campaign sweet? Kathy Leskow of Confetti Sweets shares advice bringing your campaign to success.

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