Investment Savings

US Dollar Investment Savings Account

Grow your Business US dollars (USD).

High earnings competitive rates

Realize your highest earning potential with competitive interest rates and the advantage of having principal and interest deposits guaranteed.

Access to savings when needed

Get access to your savings when your business demands it. No terms, no maturity dates and no fees keep your business investment savings liquid.

Investment flexibility

Choose the best option for your investment, based on your tax bracket and business investment goals.

Key product details

Fees No fees1
Interest earned See current rates2
Term range No set terms or maturity dates
Minimum investment $1,000 USD
Maximum investment Business Series A and F: $7,500,000 (where held by an entity)
Cashability Trade +1 Day (purchase and redemption)

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum investment is $1000. US dollars up to $75,000,000. US dollars (where the account is held by an entity).

Yes. The Business US Dollar Investment Savings Account is completely liquid, with no terms or maturity dates. Funds are available via Trade +1 Day (purchase and redemption).

ABM transactions are not available for the Business US Dollar Investment Savings Account.

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