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Global ACH Transfers

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Looking for a low cost, fast solution for transferring money internationally? Global ACH Transfers might be the solution for your business.

Global ACH Transfers for Business.

Adding Global ACH Transfers to your business payment toolkit gives you flexibility in determining which payment solution is right for you. As we introduce the service, we are focusing on single USD-USD transfers. Next we will add single CAD-USD plus other international options in addition to the US and bulk transfers.

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A new international payment option: Global ACH Transfers

Learn about Global ACH Transfers and how they compare to other global payment options.

Key Product Details

Processing Time Estimated 1-3 business days
Destination Countries United States (available now)
Internationally (coming soon)
Fees $5.00 per transaction*
*Additional fees (based on account type) will be applied when overlimit.
Test Transfer Free
Daily Limit $25K default daily limit
Transaction Limit $25K default per transaction limit
Maximum Limit Speak to an ATB Business Advisor or your Relationship Manager.

How to send a Global ACH Transfer

In our PDF guide, we review how to send Global ACH Transfers on ATB Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global ACH Transfers is a self-serve digital payment service that allows ATB Business clients to pay employees and vendors in the US (now) and other countries (coming soon) from their ATB Business Web (now) and later in ATB Business Mobile (coming soon).

No. You can only send Global ACH Transfers from your ATB USD Business account to the US.

ATB Business Clients with USD Business accounts who have ATB Business Online banking.

No. The following organizations are prohibited from using Global ACH Transfers:

  1. Shell Banks
  2. Arms, Defence, Military
  3. Atomic Power
  4. Precious Metals and Stones
  5. Unregulated Charities
  6. Red Light Business or Adult Entertainment
  7. Virtual / Digital Currencies (Crypto)
  8. Marijuana Industry
  9. Online Gambling

Currently, only single transfers to the US from an ATB USD Business account are offered. Single transfers from CAD-USD and between other countries, as well as bulk transfer capabilities will be added in time. Single transfers is a default service that will be accessible to all ATB business clients (except prohibited industries) on ATB Business Online banking.

No. At the moment you can only send to the US. However, we’re working hard to add the ability to send to over 20 international countries. Check back here to see when it’s available.

Because Global ACH Transfers is a B2P (Business to Person) or B2B (Business to Business) service, you can send payments to your employees, vendors, and other businesses.

Not at the moment however, we’re working hard to add the bulk feature in the near future. When ready, you have the ability to simultaneously process multiple cross-border payments in a single bulk file to the US. Check back here to see when it’s available.

Future-dated Global ACH Transfer is designed for USD to USD (same currency) transactions and can be scheduled up to 60 days in advance. Future-dated Global ACH Transfers are not available on test transfers.

Yes, the recipient information can be saved on ATB Business Online for future use. This information can also be edited in the future. We recommend that a free test transfer is sent to a new recipient, and confirming directly with the new recipient that the funds were received.

Yes. You have a limited window (up to 90 minutes after submitting the payment post all approvals) on ATB Business Online to cancel the Global ACH Transfer including test transfers to receive a full refund, excluding fees.

You are responsible to enter accurate recipient information, as well as be on the lookout for fraud and scams. We will attempt to recover funds, but there is no guarantee. Refer to the How to Send Global ACH Transfer Tutorial Guide for more instructions on how to add a recipient, and in particular, ensure the correct ABA routing number is used. We recommend that a free test transfer is sent to a new recipient, and confirming directly with the new recipient that the funds were received.

No. The estimated time for a transfer to be completed is 1-3 business days.

In addition to the $5 fee to send a Global ACH Transfer, your transaction could be subject to the following additional fees: over limit fees for using certain savings accounts (for example $5.00 debit charge for ATB Business Growth Plus Savings Account). There is an additional $30 fee when a Global ACH Transfer is returned, a recall is attempted, or a trace request is submitted.

The default maximum transaction limit is $25,000 and the default daily limit is also $25,000 for single Global ACH Transfers. To request an increase to default limits, reach out to your ATB Business Advisor or Relationship Manager.

Have questions?

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Global ACH Transfers and if they are right for your business, please contact your Relationship Manager or Business Advisor.

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