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Tech is an enabler of disruption—and the path to Alberta’s recovery

16 June 2021 less than a minute

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Throughout the Alberta Business Recovery series we encountered technology, and the need for leaders to embrace technology, as a common opportunity for each sector. 

As businesses are starting to shift their focus from pandemic survival to post-pandemic recovery, digital technology is showing Alberta companies the power of using tech to re-think how value is created.

In this final report ATB and MNP offers advice on:

  • How to lead through disruptive change
  • Implementing technology in an organization
  • The impact of technology on talent, and,
  • How to start your own disruption journey.

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ATB and MNP bring you a final report on the disruptive impact of technology on Alberta’s economy.

For Alberta’s recovery, technology will play a fundamental role across all industries. But technology itself is only an enabler. To keep the economy growing and increase diversification, companies must continue to look for new opportunities with technology and innovations spurred on by it, says Rob Roach, deputy chief economist at ATB Financial. “This doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long-term play and Alberta is working hard to make it happen,” he says.


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