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ATB and MNP partnered earlier this year to explore and share local perspectives on how to address challenges across key sectors, including agriculture, aviation and logistics, energy and cleantech, financial services, technology and data, petrochemicals and aviation and logistics.


Alberta’s agriculture industry is boosting economic diversity with tech and carbon offset

The opportunities for Alberta’s agriculture industry include carbon offset programs, nurturing the agritech sector and bridging the existing capital gaps that slow down economic growth.

Financial Services

Trends shaping the future of financial services

ATB’s CEO talks about the future of the financial services sector, including open banking, technology advancements, digitization and workforce demands.

Energy and Cleantech

Alberta’s energy companies are battle hardened and ready to thrive

Harsh realities brought on by less capital, fewer investors, and a rise in ESG expectations has made energy companies more resilient, efficient and better positioned.

Recovery and growth for the energy sector

How consolidation, tech and sustainability are pushing energy and cleantech companies to be more efficient and increase profitability.

Technology and Data

Tech-enabled change will drive Alberta’s economy through the recovery

Opportunities tech innovations offer industry leaders both within their companies and the industries. Plus, what Alberta’s entrepreneurial sector needs to grow.

Report: Tech is an enabler of disruption

ATB and MNP offer a final Alberta Business Recovery report on the disruptive impact of technology on Alberta’s economy.


Alberta’s petrochemicals are a long-term path to economic diversification

The petrochemicals sector is a bright spot for Alberta’s long-term economic recovery with an opportunity to grow by more than $30 billion by 2030.

Aviation and Logistics

Embracing digital is a path to recovery for aviation & logistics in Alberta

For aviation and logistics leaders in Alberta, these are some of the key indicators to pay attention to as the province moves into recovery from COVID-19.

Economic Insights and Key Learnings

Alberta’s recovery is on two timelines

Alberta’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is both short term and long term based on several key factors.

Key learnings from David Knight Legg at the 2021 Alberta Economic Summit

The future of economic development in Alberta will be brightest if the province can overcome key challenges it faces locally and abroad.

Alberta Business Recovery Summit report

Economic data and insights, sector-specific barriers and opportunities, and strategic takeaways for recovery.

"The Alberta economy has been on quite a rollercoaster ride." - Curtis Stange

"The Alberta economy has been on quite a rollercoaster ride of late with changing levels of intensity with each turn. To say this is a fluid time is a massive understatement. Along with the unique challenges we have in front of us as a province, we are also uniquely positioned for our recovery." - Curtis Stange, President & CEO, ATB Financial

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