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ATB Financial Markets Update: Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

By ATB Financial 2 June 2022 less than a minute


Join the experts from ATB's Financial Markets Group for a round table discussion on interest rates and foreign exchange trends. They’ll be considering the aftershocks of the COVID pandemic, the policy responses, all in light of the challenging geo-political backdrop. Our experts will provide the insights you need to make educated decisions in uncertain times, and offer their analysis on where we go from here. The discussion will be closed out with a Q&A opportunity.

Some key points in this discussion include:

  • Central Banks are set to move rates into the mid 2% range by year end. Is there scope to run much higher?
  • Have the relationships and trends of this century been broken by COVID? Is this the new normal?
  • Can CAD gather strength given what appears to be a still constructive fundamental backdrop?

Sharing their expertise will be Mark Johnson, managing director of interest rate sales, and Janek Guminski, managing director and head of foreign exchange sales, both with ATB’s Financial Markets Group. Managing Director and Head of ATB Financial Markets, Robert Laird, will be moderating.

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